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Barbie in a Bloomingdale

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Barbie in a wondeland

The Barbie in a Blooming Dale cake is a two tire cake which looks grand and depicts a fiction of the princess Barbie. The cake is designed to suit your birthday theme and the bottom of the cake sits on a bed of blue, white and yellow flowers and it is topped with a beautiful Barbie doll in her yellow, pink and white gown surrounded by her little friends (you can see a bunch of her doll friends) sitting on the creamy forest wonderland. The deliciously baked Barbie in a Blooming Dale cake is a cake which everyone at the function will enjoy to taste as it comes in the flavours such as vanilla, pineapple and many more to choose from. NOTE: The number of steps of the cake depends upon the weight chosen. For single step min weight is 3KGs. For more number of steps you should choose more than 3KGs

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