No matter when you enjoy them, the pastries at Bakers’ Fun are fun-filled, satisfying, mouth-watering and spoon-licking good. There need not be a reason, as it is always a season to satisfy your sweet cravings with sweet treats like Black and White Chocolate Fans Cake, Delightful Red Rose Petals Autin Cake, Chocolate and White Rose Garden, Milky Brown Fan Pastry Cake, White Swirls on a Chocolate Twist, Shiny Cherry Red Coloured Autin Pastry Cake, Rose Garden with Chocolates, are only a few among the various choices you have at our store.

Unlike buttercream cakes, pastries are made with whipped cream so that a lot of filling and frosting can be added to the pastry which really makes it come alive. Our pastries come with a hint of nostalgia in every bite. If you want to make your special occasion or birthday bash the best ever, you can spruce up these pastries with added texture and polish. They come with a decoration of even nuts, grated coconut, fruits, cookie crumbs, chocolate chips, swirls, etc.

For those who love savoury treats, this is the perfect place. Flavours range from classics like chocolate, strawberry, red velvet, to favourites like butterscotch, black forest, to more exotic creations like mango, pineapple, mixed fruit, etc. A selection of all the celebration cakes will be difficult to choose from unless you know exactly what you want to purchase because each pastry is so wonderfully carved that you feel that one is more fantastic than the other.