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Superman Birthday Cake for Boys

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Superman Celebrates your kid's birthday eve. Try this gorgeous cake which suits your theme

It is a bespoken design and sure will surpass all expectations. The super hero -SUPEMAN –coming from all over to celebrate your big day. It is really amazing to even imagine about it. A lovely cake which absolutely satisfies you design. Could not ask for better because it is already more than what one needs.
Note: The number of tiers of the cake is directly proportional to the weight chosen. The more the weight the number of steps we can accommodate in the cake

What is a Fondant Cake?

Fondant includes gelatin (or agar in vegetarian recipes) and food-grade glycerine, which keeps the sugar pliable and creates a dough-like consistency. Rolled fondant is rolled out like a pie crust and used to cover the cake. The best thing about fondant is that it provides a greater range for decoration. With fondant it is possible to attain a more refined and precise creation.

What is a Semi-Fondant Cake?

As fondant cake is costlier we wanted to make a lighter version of the same so instead of using fondant to cover the whole cake we use a pastry base and whipped cream to cover the cake and just use fondant for making figures and accessories. But not all cakes can me made in Semi Fondant

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