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Tropical Barbie

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Super sparkly, shimmery Barbie Princess cake! For a special little girl's bday

A Barbie doll come alive on to your table and then on to your plate and slowly into your tummy. This super yummy cute Tropical Barbie cake is really a must on the list for any party. It in fact appears as if it is a real princess which is kept on the table. Kids will jump with joy and excitement when they look at this fantastic and lively Tropical Barbie cake. The Barbie doll appears in its yellow and pink frock standing on an yellow platform decorated with violet flowers and silver droplets all around. That is not the end, since this cake is available in a variety of flavours to choose from, you can choose the flavour of your choice and make the party even extra tasty. NOTE: Weight is directly proportion to steps. Min 3KGs is required for the step

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