What Kind of Cakes are in Fashion Right Now?

Trending Cakes at Your Doorstep

What Kind of Cakes are in Fashion Right Now?

Cakes make special occasions all the more special. People want cakes not just on birthdays, anniversaries, etc but whenever there is a reason to celebrate. So, be it a college graduation party, cocktail dinner, or a housewarming party, cakes are now everywhere to be seen. There is nothing that can seize the growing popularity of cakes. People now gift cakes to each other as the gesture only brings a smile to the face of the receiver.

Some types of cakes that have become quite popular recently:

Personalized Designer Cakes– These days personalize designer cakes are in vogue. Whether it is Teacher’s Day, wife’s birthday, Mother’s Day, or any other special occasion, you can easily get a cake personalized as per your wishes such as with the face of the recipient or anything special that you want and then send. Online birthday cake delivery has made things extremely easy. Even if you are present anywhere across the globe, you can send cakes to your near and dear ones without any hassle from the click of a button. You can even opt for express or midnight delivery of the cake to surprise someone.

Personalized Designer Cakes

Super Hero Cakes– All children love superhero cakes. Cakes can be made with any superheroes such as Spiderman, Batman, Superman, etc. For girls Barbie, Disney Princess, etc cakes are very popular. You name a cartoon character and the cake can be made looking like one. Small children love Peppa Pig cakes. The entire birthday party can be planned according to the theme that you pick up for your cake. Along with cakes, online gift delivery can also be used to send gifts to people whom you care for. From clothes to accessories, everything can be sent online without any hassle.

Super Hero Cakes


Tier Cakes for Anniversaries and WeddingsMany people want elaborate three-tier or two-tier cakes for their wedding celebrations or anniversary parties. These cakes can be decorated with fondant so that they look formal and lavish. Beautiful figurines can be made. Tier cakes look lovely and are very expensive. But, when you are in a mood to celebrate a larger-than-life event people opt for them. Make sure that you place an order for tier cakes only to a well-known and renowned baker otherwise quality and taste might get compromised.

Tier Cakes for Anniversaries and Weddings


Cakes For Baby ShowersAnother category of cake that is very popular these days is the baby shower cake. Baby shower celebrations have become huge and no other way to celebrate a wonderful occasion than with a nice-looking and delectable cake. Baby shower cakes are designed in blue or pink color. Some are shaped like a woman’s belly. They usually have sweet and cute things such as rompers, booties, etc on them to make them look more beautiful and apt for the occasion. You can get a baby shower cake customized as per your budget and want.

Photo CakesPhoto cakes are popular among all. They are used on kid’s birthday parties and also adult birthday parties. The cake has a photograph of the person that is cutting the cake. These cakes make your party memorable. Also, if you are not fond of cakes with elaborate and fancy decorations then photo cakes are a good option. They are not very expensive and still lend a personal touch to your occasion. Fondant cakes are very expensive but photo cakes will not make a deep hole in your pocket. Order a photo cake without even stepping out. Just choose the flavor, send the picture and place the order. Even the payment for the cake can be made from your debit or credit card.

Photo Cakes


So, these are some different kinds of cakes that are extremely popular these days. Order the cake that you want at BakersFun. They offer amazing cakes at affordable prices. The cakes are prepared using the choicest of ingredients. They are fresh and consistency is not a problem. Make your special events all the more colorful and outstanding with finger-licking cakes. Cakes add a special touch to your celebrations. Go ahead order the cake without thinking too much.

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