Order Designed to Perfection Fondant Cakes Online

Cakes can and should never go wrong in any celebration. Whether it’s your child’s birthday or your anniversary no celebration these days are complete without the ceremonious cake cutting. And talk about buying cakes these days and you will be spoilt for choice. The choices can be overwhelming when you are browsing through our online store with hundreds of options to choose from. Most people would agree on the fact that they have a soft corner for fondant cakes. The silky smooth finishing makes these cakes stand out. They taste as good as they are pleasing to your eyes and at Bakers’ Fun we pride ourselves in bringing to you the best fondant cakes you’ll find online.

Celebrate in Style by Ordering Online Fondant Cakes

If you are looking to order fondant cake online, you have come to the best place. From fondant birthday cakes to those for corporate events, your special cake is just an order away. At Bakers’ Fun we appreciate the fact that your life needs celebrations or else it can get boring of sorts. When you are planning to celebrate a special day in your life or want to mark an important milestone in your career, you need to cut a cake and relish it. A good cake is one that triggers all your senses right from your eyes to your nose and tongue. And we do bring to you the best fondant cakes in India made by expert bakers in our own bakery. From Birthdays to Anniversaries and Weddings to Valentine’s Day, we have the best fondant cakes online for every occasion.

As bakers who have earned the trust and respect of customers over several years we are committed to offering you a wide assortment of melt-in-mouth cakes. Our master craftsmen bake and decorate these cakes with their love and passion to put the most attractive and delicious cakes in front of your eyes. Fondant cakes are one of our specialities and we have the creativity and imagination to turn a humble piece of cake into a masterpiece. If you have an idea in mind, just let us know and we shall turn it into a delicious fondant cake. Our cake makers can give shape to the most complex designs.

When you order fondant cake online with us we appreciate the responsibility you entrust on us and make your delivery hassle-free. If you want the cake to be delivered at a particular time of the day or at midnight, we have the logistic resources to delight you and your family at a place and time of your choices. Don’t worry if you have remembered at important day or occasion at the last moment as we also execute last minute deliveries with the same passion and perfection as we do with pre-orders. This has made us the favourite destination for fondant cakes.

Why Are Fondant Cakes Popular?

The market for cakes is highly competitive these days and this competition is pushing the bakers around the world to create masterpieces on a daily basis. While there is no dearth of designing options when it comes to the traditional buttercream cakes, they have their limits as far design choices are concerned. This has led to a movement of sorts in the bakery industry where customers are relishing on cakes that immediately grab their eyeballs. Whether it is birthdays or corporate parties, fondant cakes do outsell the traditional buttercream cakes these days.

With customers always demanding highly customized cakes, fondant cakes have earned their own loyalty. Whether you wish to have your daughter’s favourite doll crafted on to the cake or would like to celebrate your tech geek colleague’s success with a laptop shaped cake, design possibilities with fondant cakes is virtually limitless. The only limiting option with fondant cakes is the imagination and skills of the cake makers and this is where we bring in unbeatable skills and creativity to the icing table. As bakers we have been conspicuously focusing on decorating the cakes to make them stand out and better competition.As one of the most trusted names for fondant cakes online our cake makers are constantly pushing the limits and adding to their skills.

Another reason that has triggered the popularity of fondant cakes is thanks to the new way people order cakes. Gone are the days when you’d need to visit your neighbourhood bakery to order for a birthday cake or one for any other special occasion. Today most cake orders are placed online and depending on where you are placing your order from these cakes are often delivered miles away even at midnights. As any baker would tell you transporting a fondant cake is much easier than doing so with a buttercream variety as there is no chance of these cakes deforming on the day.

Online Fondant Cake Designs for Birthdays

When you are looking for fondant birthday cakes the first thing you expect there is designer cakes that sets them apart from the rest. And we at Bakers’ Fun are focussed on your satisfaction and bring to you the widest fondant cake designs for birthdays. We have hundreds of stock design ideas that you can choose from and also order custom fondant birthday cake designs. From your kids’ favourite cartoon character to the latest trending designs on Facebook and Instagram, our cake makers can work their magic and offer you something to cherish for a long time.

We understand that the definition of a perfect fondant birthday cake is as varied at each person and hence we take care of everyone’s needs. If you want a cake customized to your needs, we have the skills and resources to give shape to that. No design idea is too complex or challenging when our creative team gets to work. Our fondant cakes not only taste good but they are worth their appearances that you can proudly flaunt on your social media handle.