Birthday Cakes Online – Wish Happy Birthday in Style

Birthdays are without doubt the most important day in a calendar for any person. People grow a year old and become a year wiser. It marks the end of a year and a special beginning in everyone’s life. No birthday is complete without the ceremonious cutting of cakes. Though cakes are predominant in every occasion these days as we see them at weddings or the newfound popularity for baby shower cakes, birthdays are ‘The Occasion’ most of us associate with cakes. At Bakers’ Fun we draw immense gratification in being part of birthday celebrations by delivering you delicious cakes. Do you wish to order birthday cake for husband? Want to surprise your wife as she is both happy and grieving at getting a year older! Our special selection of birthday cake for wife would bring tears of joy on her eyes.

The origins of cutting cakes of birthdays are age old and it is believed the Greeks in the pre-Christian era were the ones who started with this tradition where they would make round cakes on birthdays to honor the goddess of the moon Artemis. This tradition that stretches more than two millennia has found wide acceptance around the world and also in India. It was a simple pastry back then but birthday cakes have come a long way since. Depending on your taste and likings, you can choose from a wide variety of tastes and flavours. From the classic chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch to the more contemporary ones, you find cakes in all shapes, sizes and tastes. The Europeans introduced the idea of Happy Birthday Cakes to the Indians and like many good things from our colonial past we have given it our Indian touch.

The practice of cutting birthday cakes in the past would require people to make rounds of the local bakers and place order for cakes in advance or pick one from the shelves. But all this is becoming a relic of the past as you can now place order for your favourite cakes online. At Bakers’ Fun we take pride in being part of this online cake delivery service movement in India and deliver you the most delicious cakes at your doorstep. Whether you are looking for small birthday cakes or premium multi-tier birthday cakes we shall overwhelm you with our choice. We offer you the widest choice of specialized cakes that include but not limited to birthday cake for boys, birthday cake for girls and birthday cake for kids. If you would like to place order for name birthday cake, we have got you covered.

Fast Online Birthday Cake Delivery

Not all birthday celebrations aren’t planned in advance. You might be rushing in on to surprise your colleague with a cake on his or her birthday or may have completely forgotten to order a cake for your friend’s birthday. We have the infrastructure and delivery team to handle such urgent orders and shall deliver that special birthday cake to your location in few hours. If you want one to be delivered at midnight or any other hour of the day, we shall do it for you. And you won’t have to choose one that is available on the shelves as we shall deliver birthday cakes customized with name at your location.

Birthday Cakes Online for Everyone

Cakes are special when it comes to celebrating relationships. Every relationship requires love, care and warmth and how you express this defines the bond you share with the other person. What better way of celebrating a relationship than to surprise your child, spouse or friend with a special happy birthday cake. You may be sitting thousands of miles away and want to express your feelings and greetings in a special way. We shall take that special message to the person along with our cakes. We aren’t merely in the business of selling cakes and goodies but we do take immense pride in spreading the sweetness and love all around delivering cakes.

There is always a child in each one of us that comes out on birthdays. And we at Bakers’ Fun believe birthdays are all about celebrating that hidden child inside irrespective of age. So if you are looking for birthday cake for husband, birthday cake for kids or birthday cakes for your grandparents we have the largest selection of products to make the day special for your loved one. From creamy cakes to fondant cakes curated to perfection we have them all. And of course, the new photo cakes that have become very popular these days.

Send Birthday Cake Online with Bakers’ Fun

In case you are apprehensive about ordering cakes online, you can rest aside all your fears and as the cakes would be delivered in time. We conduct dozens of cake deliveries every day and know the importance of delivering a perfect birthday cake at your chosen location on time. So if you are looking to surprise your loved one with a memorable birthday cake, we offer you the best options. From 1st birthday cakes for your little one to celebrate the jubilees for those getting older and wiser, we deliver the best cakes you will find online in India. We are passionate about what we do and it reflects in our quality.

At Bakers’ Fun we know the importance of cakes on your loved ones’ birthday and offer you the widest choice of happy birthday cake. Whether you are looking for a spiced cake, moist variety or the classic chocolaty cakes we have all of them lined up for you. As one of the most trusted online birthday cake delivery services in India our team is well aware of the responsibilities when it comes to delivering cakes on your loved one’s special day and you can trust us to deliver them at your chosen location with courtesy and a smile on our face.

Birthdays are fun and exciting. Order a Happy Birthday Cake from Bakers’ Fun and make it memorable.