Order Personalized Photo Cakes Online

We live in an era where technology has completely transformed our lives. From how you book your travel to how you pay your bills, you don’t do it the same way as you’d have done it a decade or two back. Why are we mentioning it where when we should be talking about these delicious cakes? Well, technology has made inroads into the baking business as well. Advanced printing technology now makes it possible to print photos on cakes. We are sure you have already heard and read about them, but in case you haven’t these cakes would grab your attention immediately. These are the latest trend in the wonderful and fragrant world cake baking and the latest among our offerings. We are delivering birthday cake with photo and those for every other occasion and earning trust of our clients.

Talk of any event or celebration and cakes are inevitable part. And you can add to the momentous occasion with one of our photo cakes. At Bakers’ Fun we have earned appreciation of our ever growing clientele by delivering lip-smacking cakes and photo cakes are one of our specialities. We take pride in being in a business that lets us become part of your life’s celebration and strongly believe every occasion that is special in a person’s life must be celebrated in a grand way. As one of the pioneers in photo cakes we bring to you perfectly baked cakes with high quality photos embossed on them.

Contrary to popular myth these cakes aren’t expensive at all! They cost the same or are slightly expensive than other popular varieties of traditional cakes. With Bakers’ Fun you won’t have to worry about the price as you create fond memories for a lifetime. We price our products competitively without making any compromises in the quality or timely delivery which are very important to our customers when it comes to ordering online for photo print cakes.

Order Personalized Photo Cakes

Why are cakes with photo popular? The obvious answer is the scope of personalization. While you can order personalized buttercream cakes or fondant cakes, they can’t definitely match the level of personalization that one can achieve on photo cakes. When you are ordering a cake for a loved one, family or friend it is the thoughtfulness that matters more than the size of the cake. There is no better way to show your love and affection than ordering for a personalized photo print cake. Whether you wish to print the birthday boy or girl’s image on the cake or would like to print another image that befits the occasion, the possibilities are limitless with photo cakes.

By ordering for these personalized photo print cake you will be able to add more charm to the occasion. Imagine surprising your loved one with this special cake on his birthday or another special occasion in their lives and they will behold these memories for a long time. The first glimpse of photo cakes can fill one’s heart with pride and if there are some happy tears in the eyes, you won’t mind that. Birthday cake with photo has become the hottest trend in recent years and the same goes for other occasions as well. Our photo cakes have become very popular with our clients and every few months we see multi-fold increase in these cake orders.

At Bakers’ Fun we bring to you the latest cake photo printing technology to the table and can print any photo on cake. Just share with us a high resolution image of your loved one or any other image that you’d like to get embossed on the cake and we would offer you a masterpiece. We have specialized printing equipment and make use of high-quality edible ink that allows us to achieve perfect images on the cakes. We make use of food colorants are 100% safe and food-graded. Our state-of-the-art printing equipment allows us to reproduce actual colours on the photo cakes that grab eyeballs immediately.

Great Gifting Item

Are you looking for a personalized gift item for your loved one? We bet you won’t find one better than photo cakes. They have become the most popular type of personalized gifts and anybody receiving it just loves them. Every photo cake is unique and you enjoy zillions of possibilities when you are ordering cake with photo.

As your most trusted store for online cake delivery we also pay attention to delivering the cakes to your chosen location. We have focussed on building a strong logistics network that allows us to deliver you the cakes at a place of your choice. Whether you want it to get delivered within the office hours or wish to surprise your loved one at midnight, we deliver cakes whenever you want. You need not worry if you are rushing in with a cake order as we can deliver cakes with photo embossed over them within few hours of your order. The cake always arrives on time for you to celebrate the occasion in a grand manner.

Think of your kid’s birthday and they would just love to see their own image or their favourite cartoon character on the cake. Talk of celebrating a personal milestone in life such as buying your own house and a photo cake with the property’s image would be a perfect one for the housewarming ceremony. The possibilities just don’t end there with photo cakes as they are a perfect fit for every occasion from Birthday to Anniversary and Christening to Reunions.

At Bakers’ Fun we just don’t focus on the aesthetic elements with our photo cakes but give equal attention to their taste as well. You can order a cake with photo across our extensive range of flavours. Whether you want to go for the classics such as butterscotch, pineapple, strawberry or vanilla or would like to see a photo embossed over a black or white forest, we would impress you with the wide range of options.