Order Special Red Velvet Cakes Online

Special occasions in life deserve grand celebrations and none of it is complete without a cake. You have overwhelming choices when it comes to ordering cakes for a birthday, anniversary or any other celebration. If you are looking to add that extra bit of spark to the occasion and try something out of the ordinary Red Velvet Cakes can be your perfect choice. Talk of ordering Red Velvet Cakes and we are Bakers’ Fun offer you the widest selection of choice. We are one of the most trusted online cake and flower stores that you can bank upon. We are a team of experienced cake makers with more than a decade of experience in this trade. Our mission to spread happiness through quality and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust of our customers.

Red Velvet Cakes are one of our specialities and our experienced cake makers have perfected this recipe. These cakes are perfect for every celebration as this shade of colour is associated with celebrations. We bake these layers of red sponge cake and cover them with melt-in-mouth cream cheese frosting that delights all your senses. These cakes are special as they add a huge load of charms for every event and occasion. As the most trusted name for Red Velvet Cake orders online our team has always chased perfection both in taste and appearance of these cakes. Open the box delivered at your doorstep and you’d have the perfect image for your Facebook and Instagram post.

All cakes taste good but not all cakes are made equal and what makes cakes stand out is their appearance and flavours. This is where the utterly delicious Red Velvet Cakes have earned a cult following of their own. Compared to the other classic varieties of cakes the red velvet cakes add extra delight to our senses and make the celebrations even more special. Their special texture immediately grabs all the attention. So if you are ordering one for a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion your cake would definitely become the talking point.

Baking a perfect Red Velvet Cake is no child’s play and this is the reason you don’t see them in your local bakery! It takes quite a bit of mastery in cake making to perfectly bake and decorate a Red Velvet Cake and make it stand out. This is where Bakers’ Fun has become the preferred destination for Red Velvet Cake online. Our cake makers have perfected the skills over the years and we deliver a delectable cake every time you place an order with us. Whether you wish to order a round-shaped, square shape or heart shaped cake our cake makers would always deliver you masterpieces that stand out.

The History of Red Velvet Cakes

Centuries back cakes were very different from what we know of them today. Bakers merely focussed on making sweet bread and aesthetics wasn’t always on the top of the propriety list. Hence most cakes would have an abrasive texture in contrast to the smooth and appealing texture that we see these days. It was somewhere during the 1800s that bakers in Europe started focussing on smooth finishes using cocoa that helped in breaking down the coarse flour. The result was a smooth and velvety texture and hence these were marketed as velvets to distinguish them from ordinary cakes.

Among the different velvets that were sold during the Victorian era, the Devil’s food cake gained immense popularity. The recipe involved the use of cocoa as an ingredient that was introduced in Europe through their various colonial campaigns especially in the Americas. The chemical reaction between the cocoa and the acid in the cakes turned the cake reddish in colour and that’s where they derived their red colours and became famous as the Red Velvet Cakes that we know today.

Order Red Velvet Cakes Online

If you are looking to add that extra bit of excitement for an upcoming event you can order our Red Velvet Cakes online. Red Velvet Cakeshave that x-factor as the colour makes them stand out at the first glimpse. Our cake makers would achieve that perfect red mahogany colour in the cakes with the white creamy layers creating that perfect contrast and looks. We bring to you a wide selection of red velvets from the classic styles to those inspired by the latest traditions in cake baking.

When you are looking to surprise your loved one on a special day there is no better choice than a Red Velvet Cake. Order one from us and let our cake makers showcase you’re their skills and passion in it. We offer you all options of customization where you can also pin a personalized message with the cake and show how much you love and care. Imagine the joy on the face of your loved one when they open the box and find a beautiful cake in red and white conveying warm wishes on this special occasion.

We are in the business of helping people create happy memories and hence built a smooth delivery system. This ensures that your Red Velvet Cakes are timely delivered and you are able to celebrate the event in grand style. As your trusted Red Velvet cake online store we have worked out the best logistics network that lets us deliver the cakes to your doorstep at your chosen time. Want to surprise your loved one with a midnight cake delivery, we shall be on the job and arrive at the location on time.

You might forget planning for an important birthday in your family but if you have a few hours of time to create a grand show you can trust us to be at your doorstep. We can deliver a freshly baked Red Velvet cake at short notice. Having been in this business for years we are well aware of the significance of having a beautiful cake laid out on the table at the right time and ensure there are no delays in the process.