Order Melt-in-Mouth Chocolate Cakes Online

Are you looking for melt-in-mouth chocolate cakes? Congratulations you have come to the right place. At Bakers’ Fun we are one of the most trusted bakers in India and take pride in our extensive and impressive line of chocolate cakes. As an online cake shop that has earned the trust of its clients over the years, we bring you the most delicious cakes that have been carefully baked and enriched with exotic chocolates that would melt in your mouth and take you through a divine sojourn. Cakes are an important part of your celebrations and we wish to add more grandeur and memories to these events with our delicious cakes.

You can’t resist cakes, can you? And when we mention chocolate cakes you surely can’t say no to them! From toddlers to people who have seen dozens of monsoons in their lives, each of us has a weakness for chocolates, they always ignite happiness in us. When they come laced over a freshly baked cake the marriage is without any doubt heavenly. Embodiment of love and care, chocolate cakes befit every occasion and give you more reasons to celebrate. We take pride in bringing to you chocolate cakes baked with perfection and passion.

We have always prided ourselves on quality and our chocolate cakes are irresistible and baked with love and passion by our master cake makers.  Hygiene has always been on the top of our priority chart and we make use of fresh ingredients in every cake we bake. Decorated with rich molten chocolates these cakes are as much a treat to the eyes as they are to your mouth. We have the most delightful range of chocolate cakes for every occasion. Whether you’d like to order the traditional chocolate cakes or the trending ones that go viral on Instagram and Facebook, our cakes light up your celebration.

Order Online and Tantalize Taste Buds

If you are looking to order chocolate cake online, at Bakers’ Fun we promise to fulfil your needs. We take pride in being one of the most trusted online cake delivery services in India and deliver freshly baked and decorated chocolate cakes on time. Whether you wish to order chocolate birthday cake or cakes for any other occasion, we can deliver you the most delicious chocolate cakes at your doorstep. We are aware of apprehensions you have when ordering cakes online ensure you of quality due to our fail-free delivery process.

If you want to get the cake delivered before the end of office hours to celebrate your colleague’s birthday or wish to surprise your loved one with a cake delivery at the stroke of midnight we have got you covered.  We understand the importance of timely delivery to let you proceed with the occasion as planned and have invested on creating a trustworthy logistics network. There is no need to worry about cake delivery once you have placed an order with us as we shall deliver it on time at your location. Don’t worry if you have remembered or decided to celebrate the occasion at the last minute, we do cater to such urgent requests.

Chocolate Cakes for Every Occasion

Chocolate cakes are for every occasion and for good reasons. Whether you are looking for chocolate birthday cake or those for Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or your anniversary we have the widest selection of cakes from you. With our cakes, you will be able to sweeten your relationship with your dear ones and convey your warm greetings for the day in the most meaningful and sweet manner.

We know the importance of customization and bring to you unique chocolate cake designs that would suit your needs and desires. You can choose from the dozens of stock chocolate cake designs that are available in our store or order for something that has been doing the rounds of your minds. All our cakes are customized to make them unique and special for the occasion. Want a Barbie Doll cake for your daughter or your son’s favourite action hero on the cakes, our chocolate fondant cakes would excite you. If you want intricate chocolate cake designs with buttercream, our cake makers are up to the challenge.

Our extensive range of chocolate cakes includes Chocolate Truffle Cake, Dark Chocolate Cake, Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Kit-Kat Cake and dozens of other choices. Whether you wish to go for chocolate fondant cakes or the traditional buttercream variety our cakes would impress you. In case you’d like to surprise your loved on with a chocolate photo cake we have state-of-the-art printing equipment to emboss high definition photo on the cake.

More Than Just The Taste

If you thought chocolate cakes are only about fragrance, flavour and taste you are wrong. There are several scientific researches that have been carried out on chocolate and many of them have highlighted the several health benefits of chocolate cakes. In fact, chocolate cakes are often considered the healthiest variety of cakes. Flavonoids are an active ingredient found in chocolates and they are known for offering several health benefits and increase the level of good cholesterol. Along with this, your body is also replenished with essential minerals such as selenium, potassium and zinc every time you eat chocolate cakes.

The biggest health benefit of these cakes is the fact that they are known to improve brain health. Research has pointed to the fact that once ingested chocolate cakes improve psychological performance and also boost memory and abstract thinking. Whether you are having a hectic day at the office or your kid is involved in active sports the brain needs a constant supply of energy. Nothing fulfils it better than chocolate cakes which also make it a good reason to have them regularly. Dark chocolate cakes are even better and they replenish your brain in a quick time when you are having a busy day.