Order Delectable Black Forest Cakes Online

If we are to take a vote on the most popular cakes in India, Back Forest would surely be the one topping the list. After all, this is a cake that allures all your senses and has unmatchable appeal. In the last decade or so they have put behind all other varieties of cakes in terms of popularity. They don’t only look amazing but tantalize your taste buds too. It is often termed as a crowd-pleaser as irrespective of the kind of cakes people enjoy this spongy base that comes draped with molten chocolate and dressed in vanilla frosting makes this delicious. Add to it the chocolate shavings and there is enough on this cake to excite everyone’s taste buds.

At Bakers’ Fun it is one of our specialties and our cake makers have mastered the art of baking and decorating the most sumptuous Black Forest and Dark Forest cakes. The spongy Black Forest cakes rank among our bestselling cakes. Whether it is a planned event or something impromptu you wish to celebrate you won’t find something better than this to order for your celebration. There are few who can offer you better Black Forests and we add that extra bit of charm to your celebration.

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History of Black Forest Cakes

Cake baking has been perfected over centuries with some of the most popular varieties that we know today having been sold for the last few centuries. Compared to these the Black Forest is a new kid on the block when compared to the traditional butter cream cakes. Trust the Germans to aim perfection in whatever they do and this cake came out of Germany. Pastry chef Josef Keller is credited as the creator of this delectable variety and with the story being that he baked the first one in 1915. It was originally called SchwarzwälderKirschtortewhich in English translates to Black Forest Gateau or Torte. In the English speaking world and India, it has become popular as Black Forest Cake

However, it wasn’t till 1930 that this cake recipe became popular and for the first time made it into a recipe book. It is widely believed that Josef Keller passed his secret recipe down to his apprentice and it was one of the apprentice’s descendants who finally shared the recipe with the world and presented to us one of the most delectable varieties of cakes. Modern Black Forest Gateau is far different from its ancestor and the recipe has gone through the natural evolution that all recipes go through.

Get Black Forest Cakes Delivered at Your Doorstep

We have left behind those days where everything that you wished to have would require you to make rounds of your neighbourhood store. The same goes for cakes too and you no longer need to visit your local bakery for a cake and have to be content with whatever the baker can offer you. Buying cakes these days for celebrating special events in life means ordering for the best and if Black Forest Cakes are in your mind we at Bakers’ Fun would offer you the best you can order online. We not only promise you the best cakes but value for money as well with our products competitively priced.

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Black Forest Cake baking is an art as it tests the skills both on the taste and aesthetics aspects of the cake. This is where we take pride in delivering heavenly moist Black Forest Chocolate Cakes. Our cake makers have spent years perfecting the recipe and they decorate them as much with layered dollops of cream as they put in their love and passion into every cake. We make use of the best quality ingredients in cake making and this reflects in the quality. If you have a special idea in mind and want to place an order for a customized Black Forest Cake, we have the skills and expertise to do the needful.

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