6 Things You Should Know When Buying Gluten-Free Cupcakes

6 Things You Should Know When Buying Gluten-Free Cupcakes

1.What is Gluten?

This is a common protein found in the grains and something you’d expect to find in all baked products. Gluten gives foods their chewy texture. If you are eating a melting chocolate cake, it is the gluten that gives that sponginess to your cake. However, this protein lacks nutritional value and can lead to bloating, fatigue, constipation etc. This is the reason nutritionists and health experts around the world suggest people to cut down on Gluten.

2. Gluten-Free Cupcakes Are Healthy
Gluten-Free food is known for being healthy and the same goes for cupcakes. People with Celiac disease, Lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis report reduced symptoms by cutting down Gluten from their diet. If you have any of these conditions you should try Gluten-Free cupcakes. Tantalize your taste buds without compromising with your health.

3. Gluten-Free Cupcakes Are Gaining Popularity
Cakes are often a no-go territory for people who are obsessed with health and fitness. This is where Gluten-Free Cupcakes and other bakery products have come as a welcome surprises to most fitness lovers. You won’t need to kill your carving for cupcakes anymore when this healthier alternative is available.

4.Gluten-Free Cupcakes Taste Good
There is a common myth that Gluten-Free Cupcakes are tasteless! It may come as a surprise to you that these cupcakes taste as good as those prepared using traditional flour. In fact it would be nearly impossible for you to differentiate a Gluten-Free Cupcake from the traditional variety if you aren’t told so.

5.Gluten-Free Cupcakes Bind
It is a known fact that Gluten helps baked products bind together. Contrary to the popular myth even Gluten-Free Cupcakes do bind. All they need is expert baking skills and the use of alternate ingredients. This is where we at Bakers’ Fun use replacement agents to make the cakes bind together. We use chia, psyllium, and flax in our cupcakes to achieve the desired shapes and texture.

6.Gluten-Free Cupcakes Require Hard Labour
You might wonder why Gluten-Free Cupcakes are priced way higher than normal cupcakes. They require longer time to bake and a have to go through a specialized process and usually have less shelve life. Hence, these cupcakes command a premium price.

This brings us to the end of this video and I hope you have answers to things you’d have wanted to know about Gluten-Free cupcakes. If you are looking to tantalize your taste buds with Gluten-Free cupcakes visit our online store bakersfun.com and place your order.

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