How to Prevent Over Baking

How to Prevent Over Baking

How to Bake Perfectly At Home


At Baker’s Fun we have baked innumerable cakes over the last three decades. Even if our first cake was not perfectly baked, today each one coming out of the oven is flawless. Today we share some tips for home-bakers on how to bake the perfect cake.

Table of contents:

  1. Don’t Start Baking Without Checking Oven Temperature
  2. Prefer Light Metal Pans
  3. Do Not Keep Checking the Oven
  4. Always Use a Toothpick to Check
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently asked questions

The golden rule of cake baking is simple. Whether it is a simple vanilla pound cake or a tiered, white frosting wedding cake, it must be well baked. Unless it is spongy, soft, and absolutely melts in the mouth, the outer decorations and presentations will not matter. Whenever you order a cake from us at Baker’s Fun you will notice how soft and light each bake is.

Rules To Make a Perfect Cake

When you bake a cake at home, you must keep in mind a few important things. One of the first things to remember is that the ingredients you use must be perfectly measured. It’s also important to understand the concept of overbaking and how it can be prevented. Let’s look at some of the things you must NEVER do if you are baking at home.

#Dont Start Baking Without Checking Oven Temperature  

A mistake many home bakers often make is to not check the oven temperature before they start baking. Unless you are baking at the perfect temperature, your cake will not turn out desirably.

You should pre-heat the oven even before you start putting the raw ingredients together. Pre-heating is said to be the single most important thing that ensures perfectly baked bread and cakes. If your oven is not hot enough, the cake will be undercooked.

Use the recommended temperature settings for baking anything. Even a 10 degrees variation may spoil the cake completely. Don’t do this.

#Prefer Light Metal Pans   


Did you know that a dark metal pan absorbs more heat and distributes it more quickly than a light-colored pan? Since most do not know this, their baked item ends up being over or under-cooked. Since the heat traps quickly in a dark metal pan, the crust easily burns while the insides remain under-cooked. When the sides of the cake cook faster, they stop the heat from penetrating inside, leaving the insides liquid and gooey.

On the other hand, if you use a light metal pan, the heat will get evenly distributed which will help bake your birthday cake evenly. If you want even colors in your cake (which are easier to decorate), always use light metal tins and pans.

#Do Not Keep Checking the Oven

Baking is all about keeping your patience. If you keep opening the door to check the cake, you basically disturb the baking process. Frequently opening the oven door will release the trapped heat and interrupt the baking process. You also allow cold air to enter which ultimately stops the cake from rising.
Even if you want to open the door, don’t do it unless 3/4th of the cake is done. Also, remember not to open too frequently – give at least 5 to 10 minutes before opening again.

#Always Use a Toothpick to Check

Always have a toothpick ready to check whether the inside of the cake is baked or not. Gently push it in the middle of the cake and if it comes out clean, then your cake is completely baked. However, if crumbs stick to its edges, it needs a little more time inside.


Baking is not simply about measuring your ingredients correctly, but it is also about understanding the science behind it. Everything from the temperature you set, to the pan you use to the time you set will determine how well your cake bakes and hence this comes under the Rules to Make a Perfect Cake . Our cakes at Baker’s Fun are perfect because we follow these rules diligently. Order your favorite Barbie cakes or classic buttercream cakes from Baker’s Fun today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I alter the recommended temperature setting while baking at home?
Preferably, you shouldn’t be doing it. Stick to the recommendations given so that you bake perfect anniversary cakes every time. Remember the rules to make a perfect cake if you want them perfect.

 What Kind of Pan Should I Use to Bake at Home?
While there are different types of pans available in the market, use a light-colored metal pan to evenly bake a chocolate cake. However, if you want your cake to form a thick crust on the outside, a dark-colored pan may be recommended.

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