Three Unique Ways to Serve Typical Cakes

Three Unique Ways to Serve Typical Cakes

Cakes are an important part of any celebration. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration, a single doubled or multi-tiered cake is a must. Whether you like a classic chocolate cake or a red velvet cake, the choices available are innumerable today. Moreover, with so many bakeries offering world-class services in your neighborhood, you no longer need to look far and beyond for the best cakes.

While we all know about cakes and their various types, what most of us don’t know is how to serve them. As a single piece, they all look spectacular. But when it comes to slicing them up and cutting them into appropriate pieces – most of us are left at tenterhooks.

Cake Cutting Is an Art 

Cake cutting is an almost symbolic act – it signifies that something momentous and happy is happening. It involves being with people you love and respect, it means that everything is good around you. That’s why we take so much time in ordering the right cake – from choosing the right flavor to deciding on the cake decorations – a lot of thought goes around it. While choosing the right cake is important, it is equally important to know how to serve them well.

Today we shall be discussing three ways you can serve typical cakes. We shall be talking about ways to cut and slice cakes big and small. So, let’s get started.

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  1. Serving Generous Portions
  2. Event Serving
  3. Serving Standard Portions

Conclusion: Just like that typical cake, you might want to change things up a bit. This blog is a great resource for those looking for some ideas on how to change the way they serve their typical cake.

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Serving Generous Portions     

When you have a small party at home with your close friends and family, you should ideally serve generous portions of the cake. Usually, on such occasions, there tends to be more than one standard-sized cake – either there is a doubled-tiered cake or there is more than one cake. If your party has about 10 people, you should serve approximately 4” by 4” tall by 2” slice portions.

Basically, you would be serving a standard daily dessert portion. If you are unsure about the exact sizing, keep a cake server along with a cake knife handy. The serving knife will help you cut the portion appropriately while the cake server will help you take it out without ruining the entire cake.

If you are bothered about the table aesthetics, a cake server is must-have cutlery in your table. They greatly help to maintain the table aesthetics while ensuring that you don’t ruin the cake. The best cake servers are the ones that are made of stainless steel or have a classic wooden finish.

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Event Serving   

For events with many guests, you need to be careful while serving cakes. You cannot serve ginormous portions but cannot also offer them bite-sized pieces. Balancing the size while ensuring that everyone gets about the same portion is often challenging.

You need to keep in mind a few things while serving cakes at weddings or other big events. An ideal cake portion would be 4” tall by 2” and you serve one slice to every guest. This won’t make the cake portion look too small while you can also ensure that everyone gets a piece each.

If you are unsure if the cake will suffice everyone, just practice on a smaller cake beforehand. You can always multiply the numbers for a bigger cake and do the maths accordingly. Once again, remember not to forget your serving knife and cake server while cutting the cake.

Serving Standard Portions

When it’s a larger gathering but not a wedding party, the kind of cake you choose will decide your portion size. You need to be mindful to order a big cake, preferably a three to a six-tiered cake that can easily be served to 30 to 50 people.

The ideal cake size you can serve for such a gathering is 4” tall by 3” by 1 and a half” tall. This size will make the servings look decent while will also ensure that you have enough for everyone. Apart from your serving knife and cake server, we also recommend you get a sturdy cake stand.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Cut Tiered Cakes?
We have all seen beautiful cakes splashed all over social media. Everyone now prefers tiered cakes which are aesthetically designed. From life-like designs to incredible frosting – you can get anything on a cake today. Though they look very good on photographs, cutting them can be quite a task.

You must be very careful while you are cutting a tiered cake, especially if there are cake boards under each cake. You will have to move your cake server delicately and use it as support while you run your cutting knife across the cake.

While cutting a tiered cake you must also be careful not to damage the cake board, especially when you are not planning on cutting the entire cake in one go. The support must stand strong if you want the aesthetics of the cake to remain exact.

How to Cut Square and Round Cakes?
While cutting a square cake, move the cake server and knife two inches from the outer edge of the cake while ensuring that you cut across the cake. This way you can first slice in a 1” piece and later 2” according to your requirement.

For a round cake, move the knife two inches inside the outer layer and then cut ½ circle till you reach the middle. Then slice in 1”. This method will ensure that all pieces are cut from the inside of the circle right to the outer edge.  

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