5 Common Allergies and How to Order Your Cake

5 Common Allergies and How to Order Your Cake

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While eating out, are you mindful of what you order? Do you have to consistently check with the chef about the cooking techniques and ingredients they use? While ordering a cake, do you have to take extra care that the usual stuff is not used in your order? If you have been doing all this or know someone, who does it, you would know about food allergies and how important it is to stay away from allergens.

Food allergies are very common. In fact, they are so common that it is increasingly becoming popular for restaurants and bakeries to list out the ingredients used in preparation to avoid any complaints from customers later. If you are ordering cakes, you must be careful about the ingredients that have been used by the baker. Since of the common ingredients used in baking cakes are also popular allergens, you must be extra careful while ordering. You should look for a baker in town or online who understands food allergies and customizes cakes for special orders.

Today, we shall be talking about 5 common allergies and how to order cake online if you have them.

Dairy Allergy

One of the most common allergies to look out for while consuming cakes is dairy allergy. You may think that you will have to stop eating cakes altogether because how can they be baked without milk or butter, right? Fortunately, there are alternatives such as soy milk, almond milk, and hemp milk that are used as your regular milk substitute. To substitute butter, refined oil is used. This means that next time you order cakes online, just tell them your allergies and a perfect cake will be ready for you.

Egg Allergy

Eggless cakes are popular, especially in India. If you are allergic to eggs, you need not worry much. Bakers regularly make eggless cakes using alternatives such as bananas, apples, a combination of baking powder and baking soda, and/or yogurt to get the fluffy texture. Also, remember that bakers often give an ‘egg wash’ especially over buns and bread. You can specifically request them not to do so if you are allergic to eggs.

Peanut Allergy


Another common allergy is peanut allergy. That’s why you will notice packaged food items always cautioning about the use of peanuts in their packs or about cross-contamination. In cake baking, it is easier to avoid the use of peanuts and other kinds of nuts if you are specifically allergic to them and hence comes under common food allergies. . Do not order a walnut cake or cookies made using peanut butter. That should be enough.

Wheat Allergy

Wheat allergies are also common, but they must be distinguished from gluten allergies. Since wheat is one of the main grains we consume, if you are allergic to it, you have to be extra cautious of what you eat and order. While it’s possible to bake cakes without using wheat (in any form) and substituting it with almond flour, you must be careful while ordering pancakes, waffles, and fritters and hence comes under common food allergies.

Gluten Allergy

if you are allergic to gluten, you are automatically allergic to wheat, but the reverse doesn’t necessarily happen.  Gluten is a protein found not only in wheat but also in barley and rye. Most baked items have gluten and should largely be avoided. Fortunately, there are many gluten-free baking techniques that are becoming increasingly popular. If you want to order a gluten-free cake online, you simply need to mention this, and your delicious and healthy cake will be delivered to you within no time.

In case of food allergies, an important thing to remember is cross-contamination. It can happen in many ways. Using a utensil or apparatus where an allergen was previously cooked or mixed without washing it can lead to cross-contact.

Taking care of your allergies and avoiding food having them is important if you want to avoid allergic reactions and hospitalizations. Since there is no cure for allergies and the simplest thing to do is avoid them, you must be careful of what you order and eat. There are many new and upcoming online bakeries that specifically take care of your allergies and make customized cakes keeping your requirements in mind. Next time you want to order your special cake, don’t forget to look out for them. One such online bakery that take care of hygiene and bake is www.bakersfun.com. Order your cakes and cookies here.

Summary – In this write-up, we talk about five common food allergies and how to order cakes online when you have these allergies.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  1. How much easier do you think it has been for consumers with allergies to order their cake with the help of the mentioned blog?

Before the mentioned blog, it was difficult for the consumers to get their cake with specific ingredients eliminated. The ingredients are very important while making a cake. But with the help of the mentioned blog, customers can contact the bakeries, and bakeries are ready to bake the cake according to the exact requirements of the customers.

  1. How can a retailer like you encourage customers to purchase if they have to order a special cake?

You are right, it is not easy for customers to order a custom cake. The biggest challenge is that customers need to order early, we have to see their order and give them a free quote within 24 hours. This is a big barrier for customers to order. So we provide our customers with a couple of solutions: 1. Contact us and let us know what they are looking for and we will give them a quote. 2. Tell them we can pick up their design and show it to them so that they can decide. These solutions are helpful for customers and make it easier for them to order.

  1. How can you explain to your customers how important it is to check ingredients in the bakery product they are purchasing?

The first thing that comes to our mind when it comes to cake or any bakery product is that it is all made with eggs, flour, milk, and the necessary ingredients. But the fact is that few of these ingredients can be replaced to make a delicious cupcake or a cake. There are artificial ingredients that are used to replace the natural ones in the bakery product. Food additives, flavor enhancers, and color enhancers are some of the ingredients commonly used in bakeries to make the product edible and attractive. But do know that these things can even cause harm to your health. Always make sure you look at the ingredients label on your bakery product before buying or consuming it.

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