What To Do If You Get a Raspberry Sponge Instead of Vanilla?

What To Do If You Get a Raspberry Sponge Instead of Vanilla?


What do you do when you get the wrong cake delivered for your big day? You ordered a simple vanilla cake, but an extra-sugary raspberry sponge was delivered to you. What do you do?

Unfortunately, cake disaster stories are all over the Internet. We often hear stories of how beautiful cake ideas turned into horror shows because bakers could not/ did not deliver what you asked for. From getting the designs wrongs to mixing up the flavors, there are way too many such stories flooded on the Internet, and truth be told they are terrifying. What if the cake you ordered and the cake you actually get are two different things altogether?

What do you do then? How do you fix the problem especially at the last moment? Today we shall be talking about all this and more.

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  1. Check the Receipt When Accepting Delivery
  2. Check the Look and Decoration on The Cake to Verify
  3. Finding The Fault after The Cake is Cut

Conclusion:  Sometimes you may be delivered the wrong cake and instead of the desired vanilla cake get a raspberry cake. In this blog, we discuss how to deal with such a situation.

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Ensuring Your Custom Cake Order is Rightly Delivered

When you order custom cakes, you are basically instructing your baker to note small details that you want to be incorporated into the cake. From specific decorative items to the flavor of the cake – you want everything as per your wish. But sometimes the baker’s botch up and you end up getting something like a raspberry sponge cake instead of a vanilla cake.

If this happens to you, we suggest some ways to deal with the problem.

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  • Check the Receipt When Accepting Delivery

  • We don’t often check receipts when accepting deliveries. This is a practice that must change. When accepting your cake delivery, make it a point to check that the right cake order is printed on the receipt. Many times, the person who accepted your order wrote down the instructions wrong which leads to complete failure in communication throughout the baking and delivery process. But if you catch the mistake while accepting the delivery, you can immediately notify the bakery, and if time permits, the bakers may go the extra mile to correct the mistake.

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  • Check the Look and Decoration on The Cake to Verify – Even if you give the receipt the green signal, don’t be satisfied just yet. Open the cake box and check whether the cake looks fine. Do this while the delivery person is still at your doorstep. If you are personally taking the parcel from the bakery, open the box then and there to check the contents. If you find the cake to be different simply by looking at it, raise the issue with the bakery immediately. Find an amicable solution that is acceptable to both parties.

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  • Finding The Fault after The Cake is Cut

Now, this is a real tricky situation. What do you do when its too late? You have cut the cake only to realise this isn’t the one you wanted! Moreover, this has happened in front of your guests who witness your disappointment. This is what we suggest – don’t lose out in front of your guests. Be calm and try to analyse the situation. For the moment, do the best you can and later contact your baker to know what went wrong and how you can be compensated.


To err is human. It is important to acknowledge that honest mistakes can be made by anyone – even your baker who puts in hours to bake and assemble your dream cake. Though we understand that the disappointment can be huge, try to hear your baker’s point of view too. Instead of venting out on social media, wait for the response. If their response is belayed or unsatisfactory, then take other necessary actions.

At Bakers Fun, our motto is to constantly deliver the best bakes to our customers. But sometimes we do send that odd raspberry sponge cake instead of the vanilla cake you ordered. If a mistake happens from our end, we do all we can to make it up for you. Try out the best online bakers in India and you can be sure we won’t disappoint!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What To Do When A Wrong Cake is Delivered?
    Once you realize you have received the wrong cake, contact us immediately. We will find out what went wrong and do everything in our capacity to satisfy you – our esteemed customer.
  2. How to Ensure That a Wrong Cake Isn’t Delivered To Me?
    Double-check with us that we have got your specifications correct. If you are placing an order in advance, cross-check a day earlier to ensure that we are on the right track. A mistake, if it occurs, can be rectified easily if identified early.


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