Top 5 Tips for Giving a Review on Bakeries

Top 5 Tips for Giving a Review on Bakeries

Top 5 Tips for Giving a Review on Bakeries

Feedbacks help businesses identify their flaws, know if customers are satisfied with their products and services and helps them improve their business operations. The relationship between customers and businesses have become more open today with so many avenues for the former to contact the latter. The web has given customers the opportunity to voice their grievances, share their positive experiences and write helpful reviews.

Since businesses consider reviews helpful in improving their operations and services, it is important that as customers, you give honest reviews that make a difference. Online forums are often places where anonymous reviewers spread venom which do not help in any way. If you want to help a business, especially one offering fresh food, you must take responsibility of what you write.

Bakeries selling their goods online must constantly try to live up to customer satisfaction. They take reviews seriously and thus it is your duty to give an honest feedback. If you are planning to write a review for a bakery, these are some things you must keep in mind.

5 Tips While Reviewing a Bakery

Review a Bakery

1.Constructive Feedback –The hallmark of a good review is in its details. Even if you are unsatisfied with the service or food, as a customer, highlight the problems, point out solutions in such a manner that the bakery can learn from your review. On the other hand, if the bakery is doing well, tell them so. Remember, if you give a constructive feedback, the bakery can improve its service and offer you better cakes and bakes in the future.


2.Be Detailed –There are two ways of writing a review. Example 1 – “The cakes from XYZ bakery was delicious”. Example 2 – “The cupcakes I ordered were fluffy, had a rich buttercream frosting that didn’t dry out, was in a good bitable size. I highly recommend XYZ bakery.” As is obvious, the second example is informative and tells others why the bakery’s cupcakes are good. If you are writing a review, strive to go for the details. This is how the review will help other customers and, also the bakery.

3.Be Civil – One of the sore points of the Internet is trolling. You don’t need to troll a bakery to show your dissatisfaction. You don’t need to swear or get personal. A review is a form of expressing your opinion – but when it is publicly done, a certain amount of decorum must be maintained. If you are highly dissatisfied with the bakery, you can review them harshly but without getting into profanities. You can be civil, use a calm and sober tone even to negatively review a bakery. That’s what will get the business notice your review.

4.Update The Review If Needed –Businesses often take reviews seriously, some even going out of their way to resolve the dissatisfaction. If a bakery has personally responded to your grievances and helped improve your experience, it is common courtesy to update your review so that you can acknowledge their effort. If others have the right to know your sour experiences, they should also be informed of the steps taken by the bakery to improve your opinion.

5.Be Honest –It is wrong to write a review to malign somebody. Don’t do that. Be honest with your review. Write a review because you want to share your experience, write it because you want to use an open platform to share your experiences. It doesn’t matter whether you liked the bakery items or not, do not review them because you have a personal grudge.

Bakeries sell all kinds of baked goodies, from cakes to cupcakes, muffins to cookies. The greatest challenge for bakeries is to keep serving fresh bakes every single time. Customers will not come back to a bakery that sells stale food. Selling cakes online can be even more difficult if the number of orders doesn’t live up to your expectations.

With the help of customer feedback and reviews, online bakeries can improve their service and their quality of food. As a business owner, it’s important that you take reviews seriously. It is for this reason that customers too should feel responsible while writing a review.

Summary – In this write-up we talk about five things a customer needs to remember while reviewing a bakery.

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