What Are the Craziest Wedding Stories? Stories from Couples Who Did Crazy Things To Get Their Wedding Cakes Cheaper

What Are the Craziest Wedding Stories? Stories from Couples Who Did Crazy Things To Get Their Wedding Cakes Cheaper

Can you think of a wedding without a cake? No right? Neither can we. In fact, in many countries, wedding cakes are considered auspicious and must be a part and parcel of the ceremonies. During a wedding reception, guests look forward to the decorations and the overall presentation of the cake. While almost all brides and grooms want their wedding cakes to be perfect, many hesitate to burn a hole in their pockets while ordering a wedding cake. According to them, why should a wedding cake be expensive? Yes, they want it to be memorable but without spending a fortune on cakes.

Cool Cake Stories to Getting Wedding Cakes Cheaper

With over 30 years of experience as professional bakers, we at Bakers’ Fun understand why couples don’t want to get expensive wedding cakes. We agree that you don’t need to go over the top with your cake choice just because it’s your wedding. You can get a good-looking and tasty cake which will be the talk among your guests and yet get it cheap.

You may wonder how, right? Over the years we have experienced many crazy wedding stories where couples thought out of the box to get their wedding cakes cheap. Let us share some of the best ideas of how to get cheap wedding cakes without compromising on their taste or look.

  • Personalized Cake Toppers – The first time we had a couple who requested a gorgeous but inexpensive cake, we were flabbergasted. Then we got our creative hats out and took it as a challenge. We knew if we thought a little harder, we could give the couple their dream wedding cake without over-exceeding the budget. The couple helped us too. They suggested we put a personalized cake topper on an I Do Wedding Butter Cream Cake. And that was the beginning of an exciting journey where we redefined the idea of cheap wedding cakes without compromising on look or taste and hence comes under Crazy Wedding Stories.

    Today, many couples come to us with similar requests and now we know how to meet their demands. We have a range of Just Married simple cakes that can be personalized with cake toppers. So, instead of towering layers, handcrafted fondant designs, and other painstakingly detailed cakes, we offer simple and delicious wedding cakes to our customers.


If you think you are compromising by going for an inexpensive wedding cake, think again. As professional bakers, we can assure you that your wedding cake will be remembered for long without you spending a fortune on them. Try out our delicious and wide range of wedding and designer anniversary cakes and we assure you won’t regret the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Cheap Wedding Cakes?

Yes, you can get cheap wedding cakes which won’t cost you a fortune. Just make sure you choose a baker who understands your demands and delivers according to your expectations. Do not think a cheap wedding cake will be bad. There are creative ways to decorate simple cakes and make them outstanding.

How Much Does a Wedding Cake Cost?

At Bakers’ Fun, we have a wide range of wedding cakes. From simple single-layered cakes to multi-tiered cakes, you can explore all options with us. Contact us to know more.

 How Far in Advance Should I Order My Wedding Cake?

If you want the perfect wedding cake, we recommend that you order at least 15 days in advance. Though typically a three-tiered White and Cream Wedding Butter Cream Cake takes only about 4 to 6 hours to bake, decorations take a lot longer. Moreover, if we have orders lined up then we might not be able to accept any last-minute orders.

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