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Children get excited when they encounter animals, nature, plants, vehicles like racing cars, trains, etc. and their favourite cartoon characters. When they see these hot favourites on their birthday cakes on their special events, no one can put a full stop for their happiness. Kids Fondant Cakes are the best option, though quite costly, for someone who wants to really show their creativity and style through more structured design elements on their special cake. These cakes can be moulded, designed and decorated or scrolling, pearlization, draping, texturing, ruffles can be done as per our requirement.

Fondant cakes are also known as fondant icing. An edible icing is used to decorate or sculpt cakes and pastries which helps the design and decorations that are made, in place. The fondant is made from sugar, water, gelatine (or agar in a vegetarian version), and edible grade glycerol. Many flavours are used such as lemon, or vanilla, chocolate, etc. including various colourings, to make it appear even more attractive. A perfect blend of flavour and colour is given to the kid’s fondant cakes at Balers’ Fun by our highly professional, well qualified and well-experienced chefs. There are various options to choose from, such as Grasshoppers Birth Day Cake for Kids, Good Cartoon Birth Day Cake for Kids, Elephant Cartoon Birth Day Cake for Kids, The Lion King Birth Day Cake, Celebration Party Birth Day Cake for Kids, Princess Barbie Doll Birth Day Cake for Girls, Welcome Baby Birth Day Cake for Kids, Dreaming Animals Fondant Cake, Angry Birds Fondant Birth Day Cake for Boys and many more.

The diversity of choice will not only be in the designs but also in the flavours, so it is needless to say that you will get what you exactly require at our store.


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