Are The Online Reviews For Favourite Bakery Real

Are The Online Reviews For Favourite Bakery Real

Before ordering cakes online, customers prefer to check online reviews and recommendations. Even if it’s a local bakery you want to order from, checking out the public perception about them is important. After all, you don’t want the most important part of your celebrations to be ruined because you ordered the cake from the wrong bakery, do you?

But can you trust all online reviews found on the Internet? Unfortunately, you cannot. There are fake reviews all over review platforms and websites. As a customer, how do you spot the difference between a fake review and a real review? Today we shall talk about some telling indicators about fake reviews and how you can spot them.

Table of contents:

  • Where Do Fake Reviews Come From?
  • How to Spot a Fake Review?
    • Are There Too Many Brand Mentions?
    • How Is It Written?
    • Are There Specifics Mentioned?
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently asked questions

Where Do Fake Reviews Come From?

Disgruntled customers, unsatisfied former employees, service providers, and vendors themselves often write fake reviews. They do this to improve their brand’s (in this case their bakery’s) visibility. Since customers are automatically attracted to sites with better reviews, many self-publish under fake names to increase traffic. Sometimes they take help from their family members and friends offering them freebies in exchange for a few positive words.

While these tricks are usually employed to receive positive reviews, sometimes personal grudges force people to write unnecessary bad reviews. Though the bakery may be selling quality cakes, a disgruntled customer or an unhappy employee can post negative reviews harming the company’s goodwill.

How to Spot a Fake Review?

As a concerned customer, it is important that you identify fake reviews so that you can trust what you are reading. Though it may seem impossible to sift out the fake ones from the real ones, in reality, it isn’t very difficult to do so. All you need to do is look out for the following things.


  • Are There Too Many Brand Mentions?
    If you are checking out reviews on independent platforms and notice that reviews have too many brand mentions, you better be skeptical about their authenticity. Also, notice if the reviewer has posted about more than one bakery in a short span of time. Such reviews are likely paid and thus fake.
  • How Is It Written?
    A review should not be written by a professional writer. This means that the language used in the review must be simple. The words and phrases used should be used by an average person.
    For a cake review, the reviewer should talk about softness, lightness, taste, and decoration. Not the oven settings, the batter mixture, icing consistency, and so on. These are things concerning a professional baker, not a regular customer of a bakery.
  • Are There Specifics Mentioned?
    Check the details mentioned in the review. In a genuine review, specific details will be mentioned. Why did someone like the cake? How was the decoration? Did the bakery meet their expectations and so on? How was the ordering process or delivery system? These things should be mentioned in a review.
    But if the review is generic, it can mean that the person didn’t taste the cake and is just writing about cakes in general.


Online reviews are very important. If good reviews can build a bakery’s reputation, fake and bad reviews can break it. At Bakers’ Fun, we ensure that all the reviews are from our real customers. We do not pay people to write us a review nor do we encourage such things. Even if there are negative comments on our cakes, we always try to acknowledge our shortcomings and improve our quality. You can easily trust any review of our bestselling black Forest Wedding Photo Cake or Chocolate Anniversary Photo Cake without doubting its authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write a Review for You?

Yes, most definitely you can. We welcome customer feedback and reviews with open arms. But remember we won’t pay you to write us a review. Write it because our range of Birthday Cakes impressed you.

Will You Pay Me to Write a Review?
No, we don’t pay customers to write reviews for us. If you like our cakes, you will have something nice to write about us. If you didn’t like your order, please write about it. But, no we don’t pay for reviews.

 Where Can I Post the Reviews?

You can post your reviews on our website. All you need to do is register yourself on our platform and purchase one or more cakes. Once you have tried our range of cakes, you can post a review.

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