What Not To Do When Ordering a Last-Minute Cake

What Not To Do When Ordering a Last-Minute Cake

Be it a birthday or an anniversary, celebrations without cakes are almost unthinkable.  The bigger the celebrations, the better the cake is. From its decorations to its flavors everything is well planned and designed. But what happens when you forget to order that all-so-important cake? The only thing you can do is to order at the last moment. And when you do that you can’t get the cake as per your wish. You must compromise. In the case of last-minute cake ordering, there are a few DON’T’S that you must remember. We shall we talking about them in this blog today.

Table of contents:

  1. How to Order Cakes At The Last Minute
  2. Things NOT to Do When Ordering Last Minute
    • Avoid Customized Cakes
    • Don’t Have Specific Flavors in Mind
    • Don’t Rush the Baker
  1. Conclusion
  2. Frequently asked questions

How to Order Cakes at The Last Minute

While all of us understand how important cakes are for celebrations, it can often happen that we forget to order them in time. When you don’t give the baker enough time to prepare your cake, you may have to compromise a little bit. Call your nearest bakery or Bakers’ Fun to know what’s available for ordering at the last moment. Simple chocolate cakes or birthday cakes are almost always available which you can easily order.

Things NOT to Do When Ordering Last Minute
You must remember that bakers need time for every cake. They must consider many factors – like the ingredients to be used, to the decorations that must go in and so on. These things cannot be done in a hurry. So, DO NOT do the following things when ordering online.


  • Avoid Customized Cakes


In a customized cake, you may want an edible photo of your choice printed. Sometimes you may also want the cake to look a certain way. But making a customized cake takes time. If you are ordering at the last minute, remember that your baker will not be able to meet your requirements. Instead, go for pre-designed cakes as it takes less time for bakers to prepare them.

  • Don’t Have Specific Flavors in Mind – When visiting the bakery or ordering online, don’t think you can get anything you want. At the last minute, you should be willing to order anything that’s available. So don’t think you will get a Blueberry cake any time you want. Instead, be ready to order the classic black forest cake for the occasion.

  • Don’t Rush the Baker – Even if your baker agrees to make a customized cake, don’t push them to deliver before time. Icing and other decorations need time and you must allow your baker to do their job patiently. Cake decorations take time. Don’t rush too much.


Choose From the Shelf

When you don’t have time to order according to your choice, always choose from the shelf. If you go to a well-known bakery, you will find many choices displayed on their shelves. Moreover, a popular baker will always have fresh items, so you need not worry about that account. At Bakers Fun we ensure that some types of cakes are always available for last-minute buyers. So, you will always get the best of the lot. Alternatively, you can also order online and you can be sure that only the best and freshest cakes will be delivered to your door.


At Bakers’ Fun, we have cakes for all occasions. Over the last three decades, we have established our name not only in Guntur but also in many other cities. From Baby Shower Cakes to Father’s Day Cakes, Teachers’ Day Cakes to Wedding Cakes – cakes are specifically being baked for special occasions. And don’t worry if you are ordering at the last moment. We have got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s my friend’s birthday and I forget to place a cake order earlier. What should I do?

If you have remembered your best friend’s birthday at the last moment and what a cake immediately, choose a flavor and design that’s easily available. Photo cakes are very popular nowadays and can be prepared in lesser time. You can order that.  You can also order an eggless cake with a simple icing.

Where To Place Cake Order for Last Minute Deliveries?

When you want a cake within hours, choose a popular bakery in town. You can also choose a bakery that allows you to order online and promises to deliver within a short span of time. Bakers’ Fun is not only a popular bakery in town but has continuously met all types of customer demands. It is very easy to place an order at our online storefront. There are different types of cakes that we bake and decorate, and you can be sure to get what you desire.

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