How to Choose a Wedding Cake

How to Choose a Wedding Cake

Selecting your wedding cake – whether pre-made or custom-made – should be a lovely event that adds to the excitement of your wedding planning. Choosing a cake, whether it is for a wedding or a 25th wedding anniversary, is a complex process. Starting from deciding the flavor to the dressing, the number of tiers, design, and size, there are various decisions involved.

We work closely with our couples at Bakers’ Fun to design something that expresses their wedding narrative. As a result, we’ve had the pleasure of accompanying numerous couples on their wedding journey.

Having made over 200,000 wedding cakes as of date, we can help you choose the perfect cake to make your big day special. If you’re planning your wedding, here are three simple tips to consider before ordering a wedding cake at Bakers’ Fun in Guntur.

●       Have a budget in your mind

The price of your wedding cake will depend on its design and the number of people to be served. Creating your cake takes a great deal of expertise and effort, and specific design aspects can take several days (or even months) to complete. As a result, many bakeries charge a flat rate based on the number of slices the cake will serve.

More complex decoration ideas will increase the expense. For example, buttercream frosting is more expensive than fondant frosting. The more time and effort it takes to make the cake, the more the cost. You must pay for the cake designer’s time if you want complex molded forms, vivid colors, or handcrafted sugar flower decorations.

So, have a thorough discussion with your baker to see if the wedding cake fits your budget. Understand their base charges, the materials they use, how they will create the look, the possibilities of creating it, and the final pricing and look of your cake.

●       Don’t choose a flavor based on what everyone else wants – choose what you, as a couple, wish to have

Instead of attempting to please everybody, pick the tastes you enjoy the most as a couple. The wedding cake represents your personality. Your wedding will celebrate you and your partner and the love you have and share it with your guests. Flavors, textures, and aromas generate lasting impressions, evoke memories, and inspire new ones. You are not required to follow trends; instead, choose unique flavors that you enjoy.

So, unless you’re a fan of vanilla cake with vanilla icing, try something new. You might want to make it seasonal: for example, choose fruity, refreshing flavors for the summer. Another idea is to have distinct tastes for each tier. This increases the likelihood that there will be something for everyone. Also, think about the colors used. Your guests may be hesitant to eat a cake with green or blue icing since it will stain their tongues.

  • Choose a cake based on your wedding style story

Your wedding brings together many distinct components, carefully selected to create a story. One of those aspects is your wedding cake. You would want it to go in with the rest of the tale. Other aspects, like location, flowers, and theme, usually form the foundations of the story. So it helps to finalize those specifics before designing your cake.


Select the theme, colors, and other components of your wedding before deciding on the general cake design. The cake should complement the overall theme of the event. For example, use flowers from the wedding to decorate the cake or add a simple design from the wedding attire on the wedding cake.


Also, consider how you’d prefer the cake to be presented. What other items, like linens, cake stands, flowers, etc., would you want to include in the display? Additionally, remember to not repeat the engagement cake.


Complicated cakes may or may not be delivered in their final form. If necessary, provide time and space for assembly. It’s also possible that refrigeration is essential.

Always remember, your wedding cake should feel like an integral part of your wedding. So, are you planning for your big day? If you have picked a wedding theme, it is now time to think about your cake with Bakers’ Fun. We will help you choose and design the perfect wedding cake, or even some exciting anniversary cake to make your journey sweeter!

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  1. What cake should I choose with a limited budget?

For a limited budget, you can spring for a cake with just 1–2 tiers for the ceremony. Choose an equally tasty sheet cake to serve the guests. Simply ensure that the design of your wedding cake matches the cake served at the wedding party.

  1. When should I order my wedding cake?

Selecting and ordering your cake takes about 3–6 months from finalizing the design in your mind, choosing the right baker, sourcing the ingredients, etc. The baker needs to be informed far in advance for baking the perfect cake. If you compromise on timing, you must be ready to do the same for quality.

  1. What frosting should I choose for a wedding in the summer?

Account for the weather when you order a wedding cake. Fondant, rather than mousse, whipped cream, or buttercream, is preferable for warm-weather weddings since it does not melt easily. If you want your cake to look smooth, go for fondant.

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