How to Avoid Bad Service From a Bakery

How to Avoid Bad Service From a Bakery

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We have been in the business of baking for the last 30 years. As a baker I am often asked how customers can avoid bad service from a baker or in simpler words what can you do to have the best experience with a baker. Few things taste as good as a freshly baked loaf of bread in the morning, a delicious cake or those spongy buns that your kids love. But all that should also come with come with good experience.

So how do you ensure you get the best experience when you are buying your favorite delicacies or ordering them online? In this video I would share simple tips that would help you negotiate with a bakery and avoid bad service –

  • Don’t Ignore Reputation – There is a reason people aspire to buy Apple and Samsung Phones. It all boils down to reputation. There is a certain level of commitment, trust and transactional promise that goes into building reputation. While fancy online ads can come up in days or a baker can spend millions on decorating their stores, reputation is earned over time. It can’t be bought and there are no short-cuts to it. Half your battle on avoiding a bad baker is won when you choose a baker that has earned strong reputation over the years. They won’t fail you or disappoint you with their products or services and that is the reason customers sing praises about them.

  • Let The Baker Know What You Want – Bad experiences at bakery happens mostly with custom made products. If you are placing order for a birthday cake or an anniversary cake let it be known to them in clear words what you want. There is a difference between saying ‘I want to order a chocolate cake” and “I want to order a chocolate fruit storm cake with seasonal fruit topping”. The more specific you are in the description, the baker would deliver according to your taste. Ambiguity is one of the major reasons behind bad customer experience in this crafty business. Spell it out to them the kind of size, shape, form you want and you’ll have no reasons to complain.

  • Ask Them For Suggestions – All bakeries have their specialist and like we do at Bakers’ Fun and when you are undecided on what you wish to relish, you should never hesitate asking for suggestions. We or any other baker doesn’t expect you to know everything about cakes or other products we sell. We are in the business and can offer you the best information for you to make a good choice. When you ask for suggestions you are likely to be offered expert advice that will help you tantalize your taste buds. By asking questions you also build a relationship with the baker and no professional baker misleads their customer ever.

  • Do Share Your Feedback – Even the best and the most well-intentioned bakeries get it wrong at times. While you may be disappointed with your experience you should give the baker a chance to correct upon that mistake. As a customer you have all the rights to share your feedback and highlight the reasons behind your disappointment. At Bakers’ Fun we appreciate the feedback we receive from our customers and this helps us in improving our services. We have always made it a point to correct upon our mistakes which has helped us grow and become competitive.

So here I am at the end of this video and hopefully you’d find the tips I have shared with you interesting and they will surely help you avoid bad service with a baker in the future. If you are looking to buy freshly baked cakes delivered to your doorstep do visit our online store and get a bag of goodies delivered.

Do leave your comment below to let me know what you think of the tips and also the kind of videos you’d like to see on this channel. Keep coming back for such interesting videos as I bring you new and interesting videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So, until the next video this is Seshu signing off!

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