Photos on Cakes – Things to Consider Before you Purchase a Photo Cake

Photos on Cakes – Things to Consider Before you Purchase a Photo Cake

Cakes can come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in different flavours. Some like the classic plum cake, some with buttercream frosting and some with chocolate ganache spread all over. If it’s a red velvet cake for someone, it’s a vanilla, butterscotch flavour for someone else. Though almost all cakes are baked the same way, different ingredients are used for enhancing their flavour and you can get as creative as you want with decorations.

But sometimes the heart wants something simple. Simple yet something that stands out. If that’s something you want too then it’s time you know more about photographs on cakes! Yes, you heard that right. We are talking about photos ‘printed’ on the cake. That’s a real photo, the one you have on the mantel, perfectly framed holding memories of a lifetime – that’s the one that can be printed for a cake now! This is quite a trend nowadays and people are ordering these customizable cakes for every special and personal occasion.

How Do You Get Cakes with Photos on Them?

The first reaction most people give when they see a photo on a cake is, “can I eat this cake?” This is followed by, “Is that paper pasted over the cake?”. Along with surprise, the next reaction about the edibility of the cake is quite genuine. Photographs are meant to be printed on paper – that’s something we all know. Then how can they be pasted on cakes – something that’s edible?

We have asked too many questions, now it’s time to answer them. The photos you see on cakes are edible. Yes, they are! These photos are printed on special paper, also known as icing paper or frosting sheets. The ink used is made with edible ingredients, the printer used is of a special kind.

Earlier, edible icing paper was made using rice. Now a wide variety of options are available. These sheets can be made using potatoes, corn-starch or even sugar and starch mixture.

The printer used must also be special. It is recommended that you get a special printer if you want to print edible photos. You shouldn’t be using your regular printer because that has a regular ink cartridge that cannot be consumed. If you think that replacing the ink cartridge on a regular printer with edible ink will solve your problems, you are wrong. The ribbon is contaminated and is unsuitable for use. There are several special printers available in the market meant for printing using only edible paper. Use them for the best results.

As we have already said, the ink you use is also very important. Non-toxic, edible inks must be used to print on frosting or icing papers.

Can Any Photo Be Printed?        

Yes, any photo can be printed for cake decoration. All you need is a digital copy of the photograph. The printer works normally and is simply attached to the computer. You just need to give the Print command and your special printer will do its job.

How to Choose the Right Image for Your Cakes?

Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, a success party or a celebration, cakes are a must for all important occasions. To make the event even more special, edible images are applied over the cake. The image you choose for the cake must be carefully selected. Some things you should keep in mind while choosing the image for a cake are –

  • Be Creative – You can be creative with what you choose. Be quirky, go out of the box, think different – especially if it’s a special event you are celebrating. There is no stopping you from choosing the image you want.
  • Must-Have a Special Connect – Since we are talking about doing something personalized with the cake, the image you choose should also have a special connection with the person for whom the cake is being prepared. Whether it is choosing a wedding photo or a defining moment, the image should have a special connection.
  • Stunning Colours – It is best to choose an image with stunning colours that simply pops out over the cake top. An image with vibrant colour makes the decoration even more attractive.

Cakes are good for all occasions. But when you want them to be special, get edible images printed on them.

Summary – In this write-up, we talk about photographs of cakes and how you can get customized ones for your friends and family. We hope you enjoyed our post about photo cakes. Now that you know a little bit more about what’s involved with having a photo cake made, we hope you’ll consider one for your next special occasion. Maybe even for your next birthday! To see some of the photo cakes we’ve made in the past, visit us at Bakersfun. Thank you for reading, we are always excited

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