What Can Be Done to Prevent a Cake from Collapsing During Delivery

Delivery of the cake

What Can Be Done to Prevent a Cake from Collapsing During Delivery


Your baker just called confirming that the surprise birthday cake for your spouse is ready and you can pick it up. You have been excited about it for days and can’t wait to look at her expressions when she realises that your wedding photo is ‘pasted’ on the cake. But now, before the penultimate moment, you are getting the jitters. No, not because you have doubts about the cake (she is sure to like it!) but you are worried about taking the three-tiered photo cake home without damaging it.


This is a common concern – something that many of our customers worry about – what if the special anniversary cake or birthday cake gets damaged? But being in the business of baking for over 30 years has taught us a few things. We know how a cake (irrespective of its size) can be carried from one location to another without damaging it. This is what we shall be talking about in today’s blog.

Table of contents:

  1. How to Transport a Cake Safely
    • Choose the Box Carefully
    • Place on a Flat Surface
    • Always Use Both Hands
    • Opening The Box
  2. Conclusion
  3. Frequently asked questions

How to Transport a Cake Safely

While transporting a cake, the distance doesn’t matter. Whether it is 20 miles or 20 feet, unless you are careful, the cake can be irreversibly damaged. If that’s something you don’t want to happen with your cake, keep these tips to ensure intact delivery of the cake in mind.

  • Choose the Box Carefully – The box which holds the cake plays a very important role in its overall safety. Make sure your baker has chosen the right box that is large enough for the cake without being too big. The cake must be tightly placed so that it doesn’t have room to move. Before you take the cake from the baker, make sure you have checked this.


  • Place on a Flat Surface – The cake box must be placed on a flat surface. If you are putting the cake box inside another bag, ensure that it is wide and has enough space for the box to properly rest. Now, the next thing to remember. While transporting the cake on your car, make the box sit on your lap or on a passenger’s lap. Alternatively, you can place it on a car seat, but you must be careful that it doesn’t fall off due to heavy jerking or rough driving. If transporting on a bike, make sure that the handle of the bag is firm enough to hold on to the bike’s handlebar.


  • Always Use Both Hands – While handling the cake and transporting it from one place to another, always use both your hands. Whether you are opening the box or carrying it, using both hands will give you stability and minimize all sorts of risks.


  • Opening The Box – Be very careful while opening the cake box. Sometimes icing layers get stuck on the edges of the box even when you were very cautious. Take your time to open the box and do it gently. Open all the edges, nooks, and corners so that lifting the cake out will be easy.


Cakes are meant to make any occasion special. They are often the highlight of an evening. Be it a Diwali party or a baby shower, a cake is a must. If the cake is ruined or damaged because you didn’t transport it properly, it can spell disaster in more than one way. To make sure that this doesn’t happen at your party, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind while handling your special cake.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Have to Carry the Cake to Another City by Road. Can I Do It?
Yes, you can carry every cake ordered from Bakers’ Fun safely from one city to another. Just tell us beforehand if you want extra packaging and we will do it for it. You will also need to ensure that you are carrying the cake box carefully.

How Do You Package Cakes?
Typically, we put cakes in cake boxes. Our cake boxes are custom designed for our cakes and are made keeping in mind the different shapes and sizes of cakes we bake. We understand the value of good packaging and just go the extra mile to safely put your cake into a sturdy box.

Will My Cake Collapse if I Travel with it?

Let’s be honest here. Your cake may collapse if you are not careful. How you carry it around will determine whether it collapses or not. Keep our tips in mind and your cake will not collapse.


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