Know Your Expiry Dates: Tips on How You Can Ensure Your Bakery Products Are Still Fresh

Know Your Expiry Dates: Tips on How You Can Ensure Your Bakery Products Are Still Fresh


What is the one thing that you have in mind when you walk into a bakery? It is probably the worry “will I get a freshly baked cake?”. Very often we tend to walk past a bakery or NOT place an order online because we fear they will sell us expired cakes and bakes. This is a genuine concern which we at Bakers’ Fun would like to address in today’s blog.

Table of contents:

  1. How to Determine the Freshness of Baked Products
    a. Check The Cake’s Moisture Content
    b. Colour and Feel
    c. Trusted Bakery
  2. Conclusion
  3. Frequently asked questions

How to Determine the Freshness of Baked Products       
At Bakers’ Fun, we assure our customers that every cake, every pastry, and every cupcake you buy is fresh. But that’s just our assurance. How do you – the customer – judge this book by its cover. Today, we shall be sharing three tips that will help you determine the freshness of any baked product. We shall be talking about the freshness of all kinds of cakes – birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, special occasion cakes and cupcakes.

Today we shall be sharing three tips to buy fresh bakery products. Keep reading to know more.

  • Check The Cake’s Moisture Content – Cakes should be moist. That’s when they taste the best. This is almost a golden rule that you must always remember while buying cakes. Cakes are moist when they are fresh. The older they get, the drier they become. The more exposure to air and moisture, the drier the cake will become. That’s typically when their taste deteriorates. You can assess the moisture by lightly touching the edges of the cake. Taking a bite will of course give you a better idea.

  • Colour and Feel – Isn’t it often said that before we taste a food item, our eyes judge them? In the case of cakes, this is very true. Whenever you walk into a cake store, your eyes will automatically move to the most beautiful and colorful cake. Even without fancy decorations, a fresh cake will look more colorful simply because it is fresh. So, the next time you are out buying cakes, check the colour and feel, and if you think it looks fresh, it surely must be so!

colored cake

  • Trusted Bakery–We should not be calling this a tip because this is a precaution more than anything else. Always go to a trusted and well-known bakery. A cake shop that is well-known in your neighborhood and has a large clientele will always serve fresh. Don’t go to a small, non-descript bakery that sees very little footfall as they are likely to sell stale baked items. At Bakers’ Fun, we have served tens and thousands of cakes over the last 30 years. Our customers keep coming back to us because of our quality. Try us once and you will know for yourself.

Trusted Bakery


Cakes taste best when they are fresh. If they become hard and crusty, they lose their flavour and moisture. If you want to enjoy your cakes, they simply must be fresh. You can ensure this by always buying from your only trusted baker – Bakers’ Fun. We always ensure that all our items are fresh from the oven and ready to be served. Of course, the decorative cakes aren’t oven-fresh, but they are moist, soft and spongy.

Try out our new range of eggless anniversary cakes,white forest cakes and butterscotch cakes. We guarantee you will not regret your purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If Your Cakes are Fresh?

We do not compromise on quality and freshness – that’s Bakers’ Fun’s motto. That’s why you will always have fresh cakes at our bakery. But don’t just trust our words –see for yourself. Our cakes are moist, spongy, colourful and look very nice. You can be sure they are fresh.

Do Cakes Come with Expiry Dates?
Not really, but cakes can be fresh or stale. Some bakeries do sell stale cakes – ones that have been lying on display for sometimes while there are other trusted ones which only sell fresh cakes.

Can I Eat a Day’s Old Cake?

Yes, you may eat a cake that’s a day old – preferably kept out of the refrigerator. Refrigeration dries out cakes faster, making them hard and rubbery. If you want to eat a day-old cake, try to store it off the fridge.

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