A Blog That Talks about Why Some People Eat Chocolate When They Are In A Bad Mood

People Eat Chocolate When They Are In A Bad Mood

A Blog That Talks about Why Some People Eat Chocolate When They Are In A Bad Mood


Forrest Gump very famously said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. Opening a box of chocolates is nothing less than a mini-adventure. You get to explore the unknown, find joy in unravelling each wrapper, feeling silly yet wonderful that a small box of chocolate can give so much happiness. If you think about it, it isn’t surprising that we so often associate love with chocolates. They are intertwined so much that in popular culture, there are innumerable references of chocolates and love together.

But have you ever wondered why do we love chocolates so much? What’s the psychology behind it all? At Bakers’ Fun, we have created hundreds of combinations of chocolates under the brand name Impressions and since they are a customer favourite, we can surely say that there is indeed some connection of chocolates with our minds.

At our bakery, we don’t simply use chocolates in our wide range of cakes but love them as biteable individual pieces. Though our Rose Garden with Chocolates and Chocolate Cake in a Heartis very popular with customers, you should also try our Impressions chocolate to know how delicious hand-made, delicious chocolates taste.

People eat chocolates on all occasions. But did you know that many savour on these delicious bites when they are stressed, worried, or are simply in a bad mood?Want to know why all this happens? Keep reading this blog to know the psychology behind eating chocolates.

Table of contents:

  • Why People Eat Chocolates When They Are In A Bad Mood
    • Chocolates Have Highly Active Flavonoids
    • Flavonoids Help Reduce Blood Pressure
  • Women Have Very Strong Cravings for Chocolate
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently asked questions

Why People Eat Chocolates When They Are In A Bad Mood

Mood fluctuations are a part of life. We get happy when something good happens to us, we feel sad when problems and worries surround our entire being. Eating chocolates, especially when we are in a bad mood, helps overcome the problem – if not really – but it at least gives us the strength to face them.

This happens because chocolates have an array of compounds that contribute to the pleasurable sensation of eating them.

  • Chocolates have highly active flavonoids that help activate anti-anxiety receptors in quite the same way as caffeine. This helps calm our minds, especially in stressed situations.

Chocolates help activate anti-anxiety

  • As a group of natural substances that have variable phenolic structures, flavonoids have positive effects on health. It is these flavonoids that help reduce blood pressure and improve the function of blood vessels.

reduce blood pressure and improve the function of blood vessels

  • According to a study published in The Lancet, chocolates contain four times of catechin which is a type of flavonoid – something that is also present in tea.

something that is also present in tea

  • Research further shows that chocolates contain estrogen-like compounds that circulate in the blood and help reduce stress and depression.

reduce stress and depression

  • It is also believed that women have very strong chocolate cravings just before and during their menstrual cycle. A lot of research studies are currently underway to understand this phenomenon.

women have very strong chocolate cravings



Chocolates are stress-relievers and there is scientific evidence behind it. It activates the good mood-inducing hormones and relaxes our nerves. All of this is especially true with dark, unadulterated chocolates. If you are stressed or worried, have our specially made Impressions dark chocolate and see how easily you overcome all your stress and worries.

We use our specially made chocolates in a host of chocolate cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, and more. Try out our delectable range of cakes and we are sure you will keep ordering again and again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Chocolates Help Relieve My Stress?

Yes, chocolates will help as they contain flavonoids that have stress-reducing substances. Regularly eating small bites of dark chocolate can relieve stress.

I Love Eating Chocolates, Will It Be Bad for My Health?
If you consume chocolates in moderate amounts, it isn’t harmful. It helps relieve stress. So, have your chocolates but in a limited amount once in a while!      




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