Top Life Stage Birthday Cakes: A Blog about Different Life Stage Birthdays You Can Celebrate With a Cake


Top Life Stage Birthday Cakes: A Blog about Different Life Stage Birthdays You Can Celebrate With a Cake


“Birthdays are a time to celebrate. The more of them you have, the more you can experience the beautiful world before you. Enjoy your day and the year ahead!” – Anonymous

Irrespective of our age, we all look forward to our birthdays. They are the yearly reminders of how blessed we are to be living a beautiful life, of how we are surrounded by love and loved ones, and how every year it is a new opportunity to learn and grow. As a bakery having sold over 1.1 million cakes over the last 30 years, at Bakers’ Fun we have witnessed how birthdays are celebrated with aplomb by people of all ages. If for a one-year-old, parents go all out with the best birthday cakes for babies, for the 60th birthday we have seen children excitedly planning for their parent’s special day with a unique birthday cake. Every year in between (and after) is also celebrated with equal excitement.

Life stage birthday cakes have become quite popular as we have an increasing number of customers requesting specially decorated cakes with birthday year mentions. As milestone birthday cakes become popular, here is a quick round down on the various milestone years that are most celebrated.

Table of contents:

  • Milestone Birthdays You Must Celebrate with Cakes
    • 1st Birthday Cake
    • Sweet 16 Birthday Cake
    • 21st Birthday Cake
    • 60th Birthday Cake
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently asked questions

Milestone Birthday You Must Celebrate WithCakes

Whenever you order cute birthday cakes for your loved one’s birthday, you want them to be the best. That’s why you plan, talk to your baker in advance, place an order meticulously so that you have a gorgeouscake for them on their born day. The following are the milestone birthdays you can celebrate with a cake.

  • 1st Birthday Cake – Undoubtedly one of the most important celebrations that are held for our adorable, cute little darlings. There are so many varieties of cakes you canorder for your tiny little pumpkin. An Angry Birds’ Fantasy Cake or an Aeroplane Cake can quite easily catch the little one’s attention.

1st Birthday Cake

  • Sweet 16 Cake – Turning into a teenager is another milestone that must be celebrated with a special cake. Whether you want a simple cake for girls or beautiful cakes for girls – you can place your choicest order with us at Bakers’ Fun. Girls generally like to celebrate their Sweet 16 birthday.

Sweet 16 Cake

  • 21st Birthday Cake –For boys, the 21st birthday is a milestone. There is no reason for it but it’s just a trend that has caught up with most. There are many male birthday cakes that you can order for this special day such as the Pinata theme cake or the Success-themed cake.

21st Birthday Cake

  • 60th Birthday Cake – An important milestone by all standards this is a year that children like to celebrate for their parents. Look for a unique 60th birthday cake for dad right here at Bakers’ Fun and you will be spoilt for choice.

60th Birthday Cake


Many other milestone birthdays are celebrated with equal aplomb – the 30th, 50th, 70th, 75th, and so on. You can get special occasion cakes at discounted rates at Bakers’ Fun. So, what are you waiting for – order that super-special cake for your loved one right away! You can order customized cakes or choose from our large collection today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Accept Customized Cake Orders for Milestone Birthdays?
Yes, we do. Though we have a large collection of birthday cakes you can explore (from our website) if you want something different just let us know. Our team of bakers are experts and know how to get every design right.

What are the Life Stage Birthday Cakes I Can Order?
Every birthday that you think is special is a life stage birthday. However, the common ones celebratedare the 1st birthday, Sweet 16th birthday, 21st birthday, and the 60th birthday. As you grow older the life stage birthdays become more significant and are celebrated with more fanfare.

Do You Deliver at Midnight?

Yes, we do! We know how special it is to celebrate birthdays at midnight and thus we undertake special deliveries.




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