6 Cupcake Toppers Ideas

6 Cupcake Toppers Ideas

6 Cupcake Toppers Ideas


Want your party to be remembered by one and all? How about you say goodbye to the cake this year and order cupcakes instead?It sure sounds like a great idea, but will simple cupcakes be enough to make your birthday celebrations memorable? Probably not. You need to zing things up a notch by adding toppers on cupcakes.

Nowadays, cupcake toppers are in trend and deserve all the attention they are getting. Toppers make cupcakes quirky, fun, exciting and they easily catch everyone’s attention. Since there are so many varieties of cupcake toppers that you could experiment with, you could go all out whileplanning a theme for the party. From special baby shower cupcakes to Mother’s Day cupcakes and valentine’s day cupcakes – you can get cupcakes for all occasions.

At Bakers’ Fun, we regularly get orders from customers for customized cupcake toppers. From colourfultoppers to eye-catching designs, there is simply so much that you can choose from. On our part, we love all the ideas from our customers, and we try to meet their expectations to the best of our capabilities.

Table of contents:

  1. Party Topper Ideas for Your Next Party
    • Flags or Printed Tags
    • Chocolate Drawings
    • Cookies
    • Mini Cupcakes
    • Fresh Fruits
  2. Conclusion
  3. Frequently asked questions

Party Topper Ideas for Your Next Party
There is no limit to innovation. When it comes to cupcake toppers this statement holds very true. There are limitless ways of decorating your cupcakes – with frosting, Choco chips, and more. Below we talk about some of our favourite cupcake topper ideas.

  • Flags or Printed Tags –One of the trendiest toppers on cupcakes are the flags or printed tags. Whether you want to go all patriotic for an official party or simply want different varying tags on batches of cupcakes, there are limitless options just for you.

Flags or Printed Tags

  • Chocolate Drawings– Our customers often share their ideas on a piece of paper and want us to replicate them as toppers. This is best achieved with chocolate frosting. Not only are they easy to make but look extremely attractive and eye-catching.

Chocolate Drawings

  • Cookies – The debate between cupcakes and cookies is never-ending. If you love both and can’t decide one over the other, we have the perfect idea for you. The cookies on frosted cupcakes are a delight! We love to irregularly break the cookies and place them over a cupcake.


  • Mini Cupcakes –Yes, we know cupcakes are small too, but have you tried the bite-sized cupcakes? They are the mini versions of your regular cupcakes. You can order dozens of them in different colours and flavours.

Mini Cupcakes

  • Fresh Fruits–Another lovely way to decorate cupcakes is by adding fresh fruits over them. Fresh fruits like strawberries and pineapples make great toppers. The only thing you need to remember is to serve them fresh otherwise the taste might be spoilt.

Fresh Fruits


Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? They are small, come in biteable sizes, can be colourful, and have different types of designs over them. From simple buttercream frosting to fondant decorations and designs there are so many ways to decorate a humble cupcake. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order for cupcakes with us right now! We accept orders for anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions and more. You can order animal themed cupcakes to flower themed cupcakes and cartoon themed cupcakes, you can order anything here. Tell us the kind of cupcake toppers you want, and we shall decorate just as you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Cupcake Toppers Stuck?
Irrespective of the type of cupcake topper you want, the best way to stick them over your cupcakes is with the help of some fresh frosting. It acts as the glue which makes it easy to stick any type of topper.

Can I Order Different Types of Cupcake Toppers?
Yes, you can! At Bakers’ Fun, we accept all types of orders. If you want different decorations on different batches of cupcakes, we will be happy to do them for you.

How Long Does It Take to Fulfil a Large-Scale Order?
At Bakers’ Fun, we believe in offering quality cakes and bakes to our customers always. To ensure that this is possible every single time, we require at least 48 hours of notice. Of course, we also accept express orders and can deliver within a few hours if need be.




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