Why It Is Important to Have a Basic Knowledge about Cakes before Setting out to Buy a Cake for Your Occasion

Basic Knowledge About Cakes Before Setting Out To Buy A Cake For Your Occasion

Why It Is Important to Have a Basic Knowledge about Cakes before Setting out to Buy a Cake for Your Occasion


Everyone has tasted a cake at least once in their lifetime. Of course, that may be the understatement of the year since cakes and occasions always go hand-in-hand. This means that you probably have eaten the best, most sumptuous cake more than just once in your life. Buying a cake, however, is a different story. When you step into a bakery, you are likely to choose the most attractive cake. But is that how you should be making a cake selection?

At Bakers’ Fun, we have witnessed all sorts of customers – the know-it-allsas well as the confused lots. From our experience of dealing with all sorts of customers, we have realized one thing. Not everyone understands cakes as we do. That’s the reason we decided to dedicate a blog on the ABCs of cakes. In this article, you will know every basic thing there is to know about cakes and how they are baked.

We have baked over a million cakes in the last thirty years. From simple vanilla and chocolate cakes to elaborately decorated fondant cakes, we have met all kinds of customer requirements.

Table of contents:

  • Know the ABCs of Cakes
    • A – What Goes into Baking a Cake
    • B – How Much Time It Takes To Bake a Cake
    • C – How Much Does It Cost to Decorate a Cake
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently asked questions

Know the ABCs of Cakes

While you all must have eaten cakes regularly, not all have baked one in their life. This means that you may not know what goes in while baking a cake. And that’s okay. Most bakers wouldn’t want you to know! But at Bakers’ Fun we believe that when you are enjoying our Chocolate Truffle Cake or a Pineapple Cake, you must also know how it was baked.

So, here are the A, B, and C of baking! Take a look.

A –What Goes into Baking a Cake
There are three primary ingredients that you must have to bake a cake – all-purpose flour, sugar, and baking powder. Eggs are important too, but you can bake without them too by substituting the eggs with condensed milk or some other protein powder. A pinch of salt is recommended by most bakers and oil or butter gives the cake texture. A couple of drops of essence is also important. Several other things may be added to these basic ingredients to accentuate the taste. Choco powder gives a chocolaty flavor while tutti-fruity adds nuttiness to the cake and so on.

What Goes into Baking a Cake

  • B –How Much Time It Takes To Bake a Cake
    Once you fold the dry mix into the wet mix, your batter is ready. Now is the time to put it into the oven to bake it. Typically, it takes about 40 to 60 minutes to bake a cake. The average temperature most use is 180 degrees. Once baked, bakers like to rest the cake for a good 12 hours before decorating it. This prepares and sets the cake.

How Much Time It Takes To Bake a Cake


  • C –How Much Does It Cost to Decorate a Cake
    Decorations on cakes have become a huge thing recently. An experienced baker’s hand can easily turn around the look of a cake with their skills and expertise. You can easily find many videos on cake decoration hacks that may help you if you are learning how to decorate cakes. A baker can take roughly an hour to decorate a 1 kg cake. However, the time also depends on the complexity of the cake decorations.

How Much Does It Cost to Decorate a Cake


Baking is an art. It is not only about using the right proportions of ingredients but also knowing how to bake each cake differently. Moreover, for decorations, you need a whole set of expertise that can only come with experience. That is why bakers are always preferred when you want a specially decorated birthday cake. At Bakers’ Fun, we regularly get requests for custom cakes. These requests come our way because we have always met our customers’ expectations. If you have a special request, we will be happy to assist. Call us, visit our bakery, or check out our cake varieties on the website to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Basics of Cake Baking?

To bake a cake, you need flour, sugar, salt, oil, eggs, and baking powder. It takes about 40 to 60 minutes to bake a cake and another hour or so to decorate it. Resting the cake in between is important.

Do You Take Custom Orders for Birthday Cakes?
Yes, at Bakers’ Fun you can order custom birthday cakes. Tell us your requirements and our bakers will meet your expectations.



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