Stop Getting Stale Pastry

Stop Getting Stale Pastry

Stop Getting Stale Pastry


If you have a sweet tooth, you willregularly visit a cake shop. The wonderful, sumptuous display in any bakery is enough to make anyone drool. Butis your favourite pastry fresh? Or is the bakery selling you stale pastry and cakes?

It is no hidden secret that every business opens to earn profits. Whether you talk about a small bakery or a large one – everyone wants to earn profits. As a customer, you need to know whether they are selling stale products to meet their goals or if they aren’t compromising on quality at all.

Bakers’ Fun has been in the business of baking cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and pastries for the last 30 years. Like all our competitors, we too run the business for profits. But not at the cost of quality. Our motto is to continuously serve our customers with premium quality goodies.

However, as a customer, you should know whether a bakery is serving you stale pastry. How do you know that? Let’s find out.

Table of contents:

  1. How to Know If You Are Being Served Stale Pastry
    • Use of Dark Colour Icing
    • Use of Whipped Cream
    • Tray Full on a Bakery Shelf
    • Buying from Popular Bakery
  2. Conclusion
  3. Frequently asked questions

How to Know If You Are Being Served Stale Pastry

To know whether the pastry sitting on a bakery counter is stale or not, keep the following things in mind.

Be careful to check a pastry cake piece that is decorated with dark icing colours. If it is stale, the dark colours are likely to bleed into the white portions. When the pastry is older than a day, this is more likely to happen.

pastry cake piece

  • A pastry cake with whipped topping can lose moisture quite easily. When that happens, you will see cracks on the cream. This is because the whipped cream becomes dry and unpleasant. Ideally, any pastry with whipped cream on top must be consumed fresh.

whipped topping cake

  • A tray full of pastry on a cake shop shelf is likely to be a fresh batch. But if it’s a lone pastry sitting out there, be careful of its freshness. Though it could be fresh, it’s better to confirm. Ask the salesperson when it was baked and whether it is fresh or not. Also, keep the above two points in mind to check for freshness yourself.

lone pastry sitting

  • Another indicator of a bakery always selling fresh pastries is its popularity. If the bakery sees a lot of footfalls every day, it means it is doing well and cannot keep stale pastries on its counter. Always make it a point to go to such shops.

selling fresh pastries


Cakes and pastries have become our new favourites. We like them and want them for every occasion. Whether it is a party in the office or a small birthday celebration – cakes and pastry are a must. Sometimes, you don’t even need an occasion to savour your favourite pastry. Whatever be the occasion (or not), the important thing is that you eat them fresh. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy their taste. Step into your nearest Bakers’ Fun store or order our cakes and pastries online. We assure you of quality and freshness. You will never be disappointed with our wide range of cakes and pastries.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Pastry and Cake the Same?
For the sake of simplicity, let’s say that they are ALMOST the same. In strict terms, the meaning of pastry is wide – it can include savoury items as well as sweet ones. Cakes, on the other hand, are sweet and made in the usual way with flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and essence. So, a cake is a pastry, but all pastries aren’t cakes.

How Long do Pastries Last?
Pastries can be almost fresh for two days. Of course, consuming them the day they are baked and decorated is ideal but if covered with foil or plastic wrap, they can stay almost intact for two days. Inside a refrigerator, they can last a week but when covered with plastic wrap or foil. But if the pastry is decorated, it should be consumed the same day.






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