5 Questions To Ask Before You Select The Best 1st Birthday Cake

5 Questions to Ask before you Select The Best 1st Birthday Cake

5 Questions To Ask Before You Select The Best 1st Birthday Cake


365 days have flown in a jiffy and it’s time to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. It may seem that you held them for the first time just yesterday, but now they are already crawling, taking their first step, and keeping you on your toes! All this deserves to be celebrated. Your little kid deserves a grand party where you invite all your loved ones to celebrate a joyous occasion.

Planning such an important party isn’t easy. You mustzero down on many things – the venue, the invitees, food, decorations, and most importantly the cake. Afterall, a birthday without a birthday cake is incomplete, wouldn’t you agree? At Bakers’ Fun, we have successfully delivered over 75,000 1stbirthday cakes! We have dealt with harangued parents coming to us at the last minute to get a cake, we have had parents who knew exactly what they wanted for their baby’s first birthday cake. We know that it can get confusing and sometimes also overwhelming to choose the right cake for such an important occasion.

If choosing a cake is proving to be a task for you too, don’t you worry. We have you covered. In this blog, we shall be talking about the five questions you need to ask yourself before you select the best 1st birthday cake for your baby. So, keep reading!

Table of contents:

  • 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selecting Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Cake
    • How Do I Choose A 1st Birthday Cake?
    • What Flavour Would Be Best for the Cake?
    • What Message Should I Put On The Cake?
    • What Is My Budget?
    • Which Baker Should I Choose?
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently asked questions

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selecting Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Cake

1. How Do I Choose A 1st Birthday Cake?
The starting point is to know what you want for your baby’s first birthday. The answer to this is everywhere – all you need to do is look for the clues carefully. If you have a theme chosen, the cake could be a part of that theme. Otherwise, you could decide on a color before you choose the first birthday cake.

2. What Flavour Would Be Best for the Cake?
There is no end to the options in front of you in terms of flavour. Apart from the traditional vanilla and chocolate cakes, you could also choose a Pineapple cake or a Nutella Oreo cake. Since your child won’t be tasting the cake, the choice of flavour should be based on what your guests would love.

What Flavour Would Be Best for the Cake

3. What Message Should I Puton The Cake?
Parents nowadays go all out with the message they put on the cake. Whatever you decide, you must remember that it must be short, simple, and eye-catching. Alternatively, you can choose to go the traditional route and simply have the message “I am One Today” or “Happy Birthday (Name)”.

What Message Should I Puton The Cake

4. What Is My Budget?
It is an important consideration before you order the 1st birthday cake. The amount you are willing to spend on the cake will determine the decorations, the tiers, the extravaganza. Unless you have a budget in mind, selecting the cake can become stressful.

What Is My Budget?

5. Which Baker Should I Choose?
Finally, it is time to address the most important factor. The baker you choose will determine how well the cake turns out. We are one of the foremost choicesfor many new parents who come to us to order their baby’s 1st birthday cake. That’s because they trust our craft, our designs, and most importantly the quality of our cakes. If you too are looking for a trusted baker, do visit our website to order your baby’s birthday cake.

Which Baker Should I Choose


Your baby’s first birthday will come only once. That’s why you must choose the cake carefully. Trust your baker, talk to them, and give them time to make your dream cake come true. From Bakers’ Fun, you can order the 2 Tier Butterfly Birthday Cake or the Automobile Birthday Cake. There are many more such options you can choose from. Do visit our website to explore our wide range of birthday cakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose My Baby’s First Birthday Cake?
The best way to decide is to know what you want. Make sure you zero down on the flavour, size, and budget before placing an order. Also, place the order with a baker you trust.

Can You Make a Custom 1st Birthday Cake?
At the Bakers’ Fun website, you can check out a wide range of 1st birthday cakes. However, if you have a specific design in mind, we can custom make it just for you.


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