How to Evaluate a Chocolate Brand

How to Evaluate a Chocolate Brand

How to Evaluate a Chocolate Brand


Everyone loves chocolates. Its bitter sweet taste is enticing, enriching, and quite frankly addictive. Having a bad day? Eat chocolates to feel better. Had a great day? Savour the moment with a bite of your favourite chocolate. Chocolates can make any occasion feel perfect. Everyone should have them so that they can try them out every once in a while, right?

With a dedicated branch of chocolate-making within our bakery to serve our esteemed customers, Bakers’ Fun knows how much people love chocolates. And no, not just any chocolate. Customers love hand-made, delicious goodies that are carved out with love and perfection. That’s why our dedicated branch of chocolate-making called Impressions works full-time to ensure that you get the best chocolates every time you crave them.

Since we all love chocolates so much, it’s time to understand them a little more today. What makes them so perfect? How you do judge a hand-made chocolate’s quality? Why should they be your first choice whenever you go out to buy a bar? These are some of the things we shall be talking about today.

Table of contents:

  1. How to Evaluate a Good Chocolate Brand
    • Use Your Sensory Organs to Evaluate
    • Look out for Blemishes and Bubbles on the Surface
    • Chocolates have a Silky Texture
    • Chocolates may be Infused with Spices, Vanilla Scent
    • Sound of Chocolate When They break
  2. Conclusion
  3. Frequently asked questions

How to Evaluate a Good Chocolate Brand

Numerous home-grown brands are popularizing hand-made chocolates. From lovely packaging to attractive deals, these chocolates are not just worth their looks but also their taste. Authentically made using the best of ingredients, these chocolates are so much better than the machine-made chocolates found so easily all over the markets.

But trying these hand-made chocolates may be dicey. Afterall, you do not know much about them. How do you trust their taste? Even if your favourite bakery (read Bakers’ Fun) makes them, can they assure the quality you are looking for?

When you try chocolates for the first time, look out for the following things.

  • Use your sensory organs to evaluate. Don’t just gobble them up in stress. Linger over each piece, roll the chunk in your mouth for some time. Understand the quality of your sensory organs.

sensory organs

  • Look out for blemishes and bubbles on the surface. A bar of good quality chocolate should not have them but should appear glossy.

good quality chocolate

  • Some chocolates have a silky texture while others don’t. Note the difference when you pick them.

Some chocolates have a silky texture while others don’t

  • It is common for chocolates to be infused with spices, vanilla scent, and so on. But if the secondary ingredient overpowers the aroma of chocolates, it is a problematic bar of chocolate. Avoid it.

it is a problematic bar of chocolate. Avoid it

  • Did you know that the sound of chocolate when you break a bar is also a good indicator of quality? A good chocolate bar will break with a clean, crisp, and sharp snap. Milk and white chocolates, on the other hand, tend to bend more easily because of the high sugar and milk content. They will not snap and break easily.
  • A bar of high-quality chocolate will feel velvety and smooth when you taste it.

chocolate when you break a bar is also a good indicator of quality


Chocolates indeed come in many varieties. Nowadays chocolatiers like to experiment with the raw quality of dark chocolates by infusing spices, milk, sugar, and a lot more things to make them interesting. Some of these experiments are surely interesting while many others fall flat on the taste palate. If you like to try out new varieties of chocolates, you should definitely visit the Bakers’ Fun stores to check the Impressions range of chocolate. We also use these hand-made chocolates in our cakes (which is what makes our chocolate cakes is delicious).

If you are ever tired, stressed, or joyful, try out our Impressions chocolates and you will keep coming back for more

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hand-Made Chocolates Better?
Hand-made chocolates are diligently made by a dedicated group of people who tirelessly go through each ingredient to sift out the good from the bad. They always ensure quality over quantity. If you want authentic chocolates, hand-made ones are better.

Do Hand-made Chocolates Last Long?
Unlike machine-made, boxed chocolates, hand-made chocolates do not last for months. They are at the peak of their quality for 2-3 weeks. It is best if you consume them within this period.

How Should I Store Home-made Chocolates?
Do not refrigerate hand-made chocolates. Keep them in a cool and dry place, preferably in an air-tight container. Keeping them away from light helps.






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